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by Beverly Bishop

The loss of a loving parent is painful,deep and low.

One who has always loved us,how we hate to see them go.

How Blessed our lives have been,to have One so dear...

The grief that one does feel,as our hearts Shed Silent Tears.

The darkness of the night,and the Sunlight of the Day,

Doesn't change the aching of the Loss that comes our way.

A word,action or song,brings a loved One's memory so near.

The grief that one does feel as our hearts Shed Silent Tears.

The warmth and glow of friendship,the Love of our companions,

Help us through the days and let us know,we are not abandonded.

The Creator is always with us,to quiet all Our fears,

For the grief that one does feel,as our Hearts Shed Silent Tears.

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Created November 13,2000

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