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Here are some of my plants that come inside during the winter.

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Milk Cactus,

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Christmas Cactus

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Dracenda & Peace Lily 

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Picture taken Aug 2, 2001

Snake Plant sometimes known as Mother In Law's Tongue

or botanical name of Sanservia.It will be 28 yrs old in November.

This is the 2nd time it has bloomed.

The flowers close at night and open every morning for

about 2 weeks and smells Heavenly.

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Hawaiian Plumeria getting ready to bloom.8-29-01

Impatients are blooming in the pot.

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Rocky the big bad squirrel!!!LOL

deer.jpg (25830 bytes)

Watch Out Deer, Rocky is gonna get ya!

opossum.jpg (9491 bytes)

An opossum ...Ya better watch out, Rocky will get you, too.

More pictures will be added later..

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My lilac bush beside the deck, May 5,2001

browneyedsusans.jpg (42737 bytes)

Brown eyed Susans 8-29-01


orchid.jpg (9185 bytes)

My purty orchid May 2002

orchidcactus2.jpg (24124 bytes)

Orchid Cactus 2002 Many blooms are on the back side


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