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This is for a special interest of mine concerning Lawter engines.

    One of a kind engines have always been
favorites of mine, and recently a friend of mine
bought a 1907 Lawter engine. This is the only
one that I, or any of my friends have ever seen.
This engine is a 4 cycle, tank cooled, two flywheel 
with a cross head like a steam engine. It also has
ratchet type governor. It is a real oddball
engine rated at 2 1/2 h.p.

lawter side view.gif (16768 bytes)

    This engine was built in New Castle Ind, USA,
( my home town) in 1907 by Benjamin Lawter.
He was a plant superintendent, employed by
the Safety Shredder Co. He also designed
and built an automobile and a tractor, both
of these were also called Lawter.


Thomas Lawter.jpg (41938 bytes)

Above Thomas Lawter stands beside the engine that his
father built in 1907. Tom knew his father built an engine,
but had never seen one until he saw this one at the
New Lisbon, In Old Time Days, in 1996.
Tom still resides in New Castle, In where the Lawter
engine was built.

This was one of the happiest days of his life!

I've been collecting history on this engine and
anything else to do with Lawter built items,
or anything about the Safety Shredder Co.
If you have any information on this subject please let me know.

lawter name tag.gif (10990 bytes)

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