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My Blog of Quotations comes from a variety of sources, randomly chosen.   Some are recent, but most come from the eighties when I was  enthusiastically collecting them.  

I've now begun a new blog at a new site - quotations will now be included in there just as randomly as they were collected in the first place.
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[3rd April, 2005]

N. D. Wilson - Father Brown Fakes the Shroud - Books & Culture, March/April 2005

We love to patronize the past and men from it. It is all too easy to assume that men then were far less intelligent than men now simply because we use toasters.

Patricia Grace - Potiki - quoted on page 54 of Our Own Image by Barry Barclay.

During that time Pena fell in love with Tangimoana but she was not ready to be in love with anyone.

"I need him though," she said. "And that might be the same."

Pena though it was enough and they have been together much of the time since then.

Peter Cape - Down the Hall on a Saturday Night - Song

There's a hop on down at the hall tonight
And she starts sharp somewhere about half-past eight.

From The New Zealand Herald - quoted in "Life in NZ" in The Listener 3rd July, 1993

McDavitt says much public criticism of [weather] forecasting accuracy comes down to taking the language of the forecasts too literally. "A forecast of south-west winds, 15 knots, does not mean south-west winds, 15 knots. It means winds somewhere between southerly and westerly, and between 5 knots and 15 knots most of the time, but not all of the time, and not necessarily where you are."

From a Review by Dennis McEldowney of 'Halfway Round the Harbour', in Quote Unquote July 1993.

[Keith] Sinclair does not deal in nuances, or much believe in them. he quotes somebody who 'once said to me that we were all partly feminine and partly masculine, an opinion I have sometimes heard but never believed. I do, of course, know that some people are homosexual, whether full-time or part-time, but am pleased that it's not compulsory.'

Aug-Oct 2003 and Nov 2003
Jan 2005
and Feb/March 2005

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