RUFFAGE was created by Rich Grafstein in the late 80s / early 90s. Rich previously hosted a late night program called "Midnight Metal" and changed the name when the opportunity presented itself to move to an earlier time slot on Saturday night. He hosted the weekly program until he departed, passing the broadcasting responsibilities on to Traci Neaves. I sought out Traci when I became a student at the University of Delaware and she was kind enough to show me the ropes and train me to be her replacement. Traci hosted the program until her departure in the spring of 1994, when full hosting duties were offered to yours truly. I chose to split the duties with another DJ, and so, every other Saturday, my mission is to spend three hours doing a small service for the local Metal community.

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There is so much music out there that, occassionally, I like to spotlight music that is a little obscure or off the beaten track. Here are some of the themed blocks that I have been known to implement in order to right the horrendous wrong of neglected music.

March: Korefest- a whole program dedicated to the works of female artists in celebration of Women's History Month. Click this eye to see what I've played in past Korefests.

April: April Fool's Day and Walpurgisnacht/May Eve (tricks and witchery)

May: Cinco de Mayo (Latin Artists)

October: Halloween

November: Turkeys for Thanksgiving

December: Christmas

I have been known to play the sixth song from three Death Metal albums for a " Beast block "(666).

Got a cool idea for a music block?

 In a Metal Mood?

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If you've got some info and/or tunes you would like to send my way (or metal requests for those of you who listen to my show), please feel free to drop me a line at my e-mail address or send your stuff to my handy dandy post office box.


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Local 913

I created this segment back in the spring of 2003. Spotlighting bands from the quad state area. Tune in from 9:30p pm to 10 pm to hear who's making heavy music in the region.

Commentary / Contact
3.5 White
Keith Saulsbury- lead guitar and vocals; Mike Hostler- drums; Chris Campbell- bass; Brian Moore- rhythm guitar
web page is
Aborted Existence
James Dorton- vocals; Scott Gordon- drums; Ira Wilkes- bass; Adam Haddick- guitar; Brian Spencer- guitar and vocals
web page is
Chapel- vocals; Ryan Lockard- lead and rhythm guitar, guttural vocals; Alex Kobylkevich- drums; Sam Ferrara- bass; Saculus- guitar, engineer
web page is
Pierce- vocals, lead and rhythm guitar; Mike- drums; Morg- bass
web page is
Bitter End
Mike- guitar; Dave- guitar; Shane- vocals; Danny- bass; Dave- drums
contact the guys at [email protected]
Mike Martin- vocals, guitars, bass; Jeff Merena- backing vocals, bass, guitars; Matt Frick- drums
From Delaware at one point, but it now looks like they are from Philly (PA). Their web page is
Emerged From Darkness
Sam Ferrara- vocals and guitar; Ron Zappaterrini- drums
Torturous twosome- death metal; check out their IUMA page for sounds
Fall River
Ali- vocals; Kev- guitar; Dan- bass; John- drums
I first heard the band on WGLS (Rowan University- NJ); web page is
Luscious Bob- guitar and vocals; Metal Mike Trash- drums; Dreddz- bass
Their presence can be compared to the Visigoth hordes sacking Rome! A fun bunch of fellas to be around!; web page is
Kaotic Bliss
Justin- Drummer; Ken- guitarist; Eric- guitarist; Jim- bass; Ryan- vocals
Toxic emissions from The Garden State! Web page is
Derek Atwood- vocals; Jason Clay- guitar; Pete E- bass; Bryan Jones- drums
These guys are full of rage! Check out their IUMA site for info and sounds
Rich- vocals, bass; Lou- drums; Greg- guitar, backing vocals
Rolliking good time for the Death Metal set. Web page is
Jeremy- guitar; Mike- vocals; Tony- bass; Chris- drums
Web page is
Ron Thompson- guitar and vocals; Tom Edwards- guitar and vocals; Kevin Ward- bass and vocals; Rick Webster- drums and vocals
web page is
Daran Amos- vocals and guitar; Bob Beird- bass; Rick Land- guitar; Dan Kwasizur- drums
Web page is
Toxic Holocaust
Joel Grind- all instruments and vocals
web page- ?
Von Kull
Ryan Lockard- vocals; John Seymour- guitar; Frank Ritchie- bass; Brian Lowe- drums
Music to F*** some S*** up to! Get all the latest at their new site:

Local 913 News

Deadlyne - "in the basement" for now

Fall River - looking for a bassist. Contact the band if you are interested.

Orcus - trying to get back to the studio to record new material

Psychotogen - has a new booking contact: Daniel at New Breed Entertainment

Thunderbrew - [CD release party on October 2nd at The Ground Floor was great!- metallikate] Look for their new CD Red White & Brew at their next show or buy it from their merchandise section at the Thunderbrew website. The guys are also looking for folks to join their "street team". If you are interested in joining the team, e-mail [email protected] with the subject "street team".

Aborted Existence - Scott has parted ways with the band and has been replaced by Jeff Willet. The guys are also in the market for a new vocalist- contact them via their web page if you are interested. Look for new tunes in the near future- the guys are hard at work on an EP!

AlaZith - Alex and Ryan are no longer with the band. The remaining members of the band have engaged the talents of Josh Neaves in an Oklahoma-Delaware long-distance relationship.

Bitter - Get your CDs now! The current CD of tunes is selling out! Visit the band's site to secure yours before they are all gone! But don't despair! The Bitter guys have a new CD is in the works!

Psychotogen - Taking a break from gigging this winter.The guys are working on new material and are "in the process of looking for a solid/dependable label to work with us on this (and future) releases." Look for the Psychotogen interview in the next issue of Brutallica magazine, as well as a track on the magazine's CD compilation, which should be hitting newstands in the early part of 2005 (it can be found at Tower Records). An alternate cover to "Perverse and UnNatural Practices" features the artwork of French artist Antonin Delas. CDs with the alternate cover are avaiable for sale during his exhibits which typically take place at metal shows in France. See the artwork at his site or at the band's website at

Thunderbrew - will be performing at The Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans on January 7th as part of a recording industry showcase. The next night they will be playing a gig in that area with the band GEAR (details will be announced closer to the date).

All news items are culled from band websites (for the convenience of the lazy!), message boards, forums, and personal communications with the author.

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