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No Greater Love
hath any man than this:
that a man lay down his life for his friends

Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial
dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Maj MacArthur Lewis
Major Lewis

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US Marine Corps Reunion Page
1st Marine Division Assn
2nd Marine Division Assn
3rd Marine Division Assn
4th Marines
22nd Marines
Platoon 231
USMC Combat Correspondents Assn
China Marines Assn
2nd Bn 3rd Mar Div Viet Assoc
The Sayonara -Japan duty- Marines"
1st Bn 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div 1964-75
L Co, 3rd. Battalion 3rd. Marines, 3rd. Marine Division
Florida Chapter Third Marine Division Assn
3rd Recon Battalion Association [1961-71]
vietnam helicopter squadrons: VMO-3, HML-367, HMLA-367
Alpha Co. 4th LSB USMC (Seattle) 6th Motors -
1st light Armored Infantry Btn, 1st Marine Div (the Gulf)
Second and weapons platoons Golf 2/26 - Vietnam 1968-69
3rd Marine Btn, First Marines, 1st Marine Div
USMC Vietnam Tankers - the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tank Battalions
1st Bn 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div 1964-75
Combined Action Program [CAP]

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Silent Voices of the Past: unanswered questions about southeast Asia

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All Gave Some - - - Some Gave All

Freedom isn't "free"

time to remember

Marines and other Veterans --

You may qualify for these special benefits:

Vets are eligible to pay just $7 for a month's supply of any medication. The proviso, of course, is that prescriptions be written by a Department of Veterans Affairs doctor and be filled at a VA pharmacy. Phone 877-222-8387

Health care:
Vets save on inpatient, outpatient, long-term and hospice care. Care benefits

Every vet and spouse are entitled to a free plot and grave marker at a national veterans cemetery. National cemeteries

Home loans:
Prove you can pay the mortgage you're seeking and VA-approved lenders may waive the down payment. Home loans

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