History of Nalattinputhur
Four goat city is nothing but the direct English translation of my Birth place non other than 'Nalattinputhur'.

Located in Kovilpatti Taluk, Thuthokodi District, Tamilnadu, india in National Highways 7 (Waranasi - Kanniyakumari NH 7 is longest route in India).

The main business in the city and near by is the Matchbox industry and forming. In every house at least one guy will be there in gulf country.Of course in my family also my father was there in Muscat and Kuwait for sometime.


              The city is believed to be evolved around the 'Perumal' Temple located in south end of the city. The other important temples are 'Thurgai Amman' Kovil which will have festival in every Summer. This is the festival for our friends to get-together. And also have Sivan, Karuppasamy and Pillayar kovil and many more small temples.

There are two church is there in the city, one is catholic and another one is the Protestant. There is one hospital(not exactly a hospital, its like first aid center) is running by the catholic church committee.

I have studied in the K.R Saratha Govt High school (Now its a higher secondary school.) which is named after the industrialist K.Ramasamy's daughter Saratha. Which was located in middle of city. Now it has been moved to 3 story building in the west end of the city. There is one minority school which teach up to the 5th standard. In the revolution of modern school there are two English medium school now.

In the city's most of the Educational institutions are belonged to the industrialist K.Ramasamy.He didn't study anything but he has the heart. He has earn all the money in Gulf countries only.

Of course we have one Arts college namely K.R.Arts and Science College and one Polytechnic that is Lakshmi ammal Politechnic. And last but not least the Great National Engineering College, the second best in the south Tamilnadu. The best in terms cost and quality of the education.

The city is divided by four direction of the earth, namely East, West, South and North street. The city is exactly now divided by the road which is leading to Courtalam (Biggest summer tourist place of the South tamil nadu.). North part of the city is evolved in last 10 years only.The city may have the population of around the 5,000 - 10,0000. The city is the mini-Singapore for the near-by village people. All the people have the faith that if you go and live in Nalattinputhur, you can find your life. It wouldn't let you down. It is not hype that it is really a true.

Still many more to write...i will update this soon with more information...

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