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The Blue Scorpion
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The Blue Scorpion

Arranging the clubhead weight in the correct location has a great impact on the motion of the putter through the swing as well as influencing the roll of the ball.

In an effort to stabilize these two factors the recent trend on Tour has been to move the weight to the rear of the putterhead.

Thus creating a rudder-like effect.
The Blue Scorpion
The Blue Scorpion Putter

Our engineers have designed The Blue Scorpion Putter to not only move the weight rearward, but also VERTICALLY!

No other putter on the market can claim this "Principle of Verticality".

The Blue Scorpions 35 gram Stainless Steel Tail accounts for this stabilization.

With the positioning of the heavy weight plug at the tail’s end, the Center of Gravity is also moved Vertically up right at the crown of ball in order to provide you with the best roll in golf.
  • 100% CNC Precision Milled Construction
  • 303 Stainless Steel Precision Milled Face
  • Aircraft quality 6061 Grade Aluminum Body
  • 303 Stainless Steel Rear Weight Plug
  • 3.5 Degrees of loft milled into the face
  • Tri-Plane Sole allows for a very square setup
  • Principle of Verticality Design
  • Spine Aligned Path of Most Energy Transfer Shafts
  • Initials Hand Stamped (maximum 5 characters)
  • Standard, Abdominal, and Long Shaft designs
  • Grips By Lamkin
  • Shafts By Apollo
  • Conforms with USGA Rules Decision #2005-154
  • Headcovers by AM&E
The Blue Scorpion Putter

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