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    A little bit about me

    I am asked sometimes if I got the nickname Mad Mac from the cult movie character Mad Max. That is partly true, for I am a fan of "the Road Warrior", but it was also due to my profession in the United States Navy operating magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment in the continuous Cold War game of cat-and-mouse that was played between NATO's ASW forces and the Soviet submarine fleet. If you're interested in that, check out my navy ramble.

    Currently, I am still employed by Uncle Sam, but have found and bought a quaint little piece of property in a quiet rural section of America on which my wife and I plan to settle down to raise our daughter. If this website seems a little incomplete, it's because we've been spending so much time working on the yard this summer. (When the sun's shining I can't bear to stay inside with the computer!) We just bought our first chicken coops, and if I'm not careful, we soon may be raising goats, pigs, cows and horses too. And maybe something exotic like an alpaca or an emu...

    My interests vary widely, too widely for me to enjoy some of them as much as I'd like. They range from somewhat intellectual pursuits like conlanging and history and archaeology, to more mundane things like fixing up an old brick farmhouse and taking quiet canoe rides and walking through the woods, as well as visiting friends and family, and many more including homebrewing beer.

    One thing I never do spend enough time on is my family heritage. I did go to Scotland and saw a small part of that beautiful country once, and have started going to Scottish folk festivals here in the States when I can. I enjoy bagpipe music and have a dream to learn to play them. Recently I started a web-ring on the internet for descendants of the Clan Donnachaidh. If there are any clansmen or clanswomen reading this, and you have a web page, please feel free to join the Donnachaidh Ring.

    I also put together a ring for P-3 Orion aficionados, so if you have a page concerning P-3s, please join Orion's Belt.


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