D. ANDREW RUTTLEDGE of Foxford, Co. Mayo. b.c. 1702. Andrew m. Mary. daughter of Michael Mills, late of Rinkpipen, one mile S.E. of Tuam. in 1729. 202 At the time he was of Muckrussaun about nine miles N.W. of Headford. In 1731 he appears in a deed with his brother Peter (see B above) whose address is given as Cornehill. which is said to have been a more accurate Anglicisation of the original name of the townland than Cornfield. 203 Anthony Mills who witnessed the deed, was a brother of Andrew’s wife and had been born at Headford about 1688. 204 In 1738 Andrew leased his dwelling in Foxford from Henry Bingham of Newbrook 205 and later he became a very extensive ironmaster at Kilmacteige in Co. Sligo, at Foxford (where he was using ore from Nephin mountain mixed with Lancashier ore) and at Mullinamore near Crossmolina. 206 In 1758 he was buying all the woods on the island of Islandglass in Lough Conn from Henry Ormsby. 207 It was his experience that enabled his nephew, William Ruttledge (see B above) to set up.his ironworks at Boyle in 1752. In later life. Andrew was of Blackpatch, 208 a townland six miles east of Foxford. Andrew, who died in 1766. 209 and his wife Mary had one son and three daughters:

1 WILLIAM, 210 211 of whom below.

1 Elizabeth , 205 210, who m. - Bourke.

. 2 Margaret, 210 who m. David Courtney about 1755.

3 Mary, 210 who m. James Gildea in 1755. 212

The last two are buried in Ballinrobe churchvard. 213

WILLIAM RUTTLEDGE m. in 1758 Barbara, younger daughter of James Taylor of Crockedstaff. Dublin, brewer. 214 His uncle. Revd. Anthony Mills. his mothers brother officiated at the wedding. In 1765-66 Sir James Taylor was Lord Mayor of Dublin and William Ruttledge the High Sheriff. 2l5 After the French invasion of 1798 William made a claim for £780-1/7 & a half d. for loss of cattle, wine, furniture, provisions and fire arms. 216 William's wife died in 1768 217 and he made his will on 9 January 1800 and died the next day. 210 Their only child. Maria m. in 1783 Col. George Jackson of Enniscoe, near Ballina, son of George Jackson the elder and his wife Jane. nee Cuffe. 218 They had six sons and seven daughters. 2l9


E. ANDREW RUTTLEDGE of Poldryan. Co. Mayo. 220 b.c. 1710. A second tombstone in Headford church says `Here lyeth y body of Mrs. Susania Hill wife of Mr. Peter Rutledge deceased 31 of



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