July 1697. 221 Genealogy No. 1 says 'Peter Was Marryd to a Sister of Coll. Hills and had one Son by her Called Richard who died a young Man, by his Second Wife Jane Carey he had Andrew Ruttledge of Poldryan'. 222 The townland of Poldryan is three miles due west of Claremorris but there is no indication from the House Books or O.S. maps where Andrew's house may have been. At Poldryan, Andrew was a tenant of Thomas Ruttledge of Bloomfield 223 (see B above) In an important memorial he is wrongly transcribed as Anthony, but the original memorial gives the correct name of Andrew. 224 Of the three lives in this deed, FRANCIS is Andrew's son and Elizabeth (nee Jonine) is Francis' wife. both of them then of Tinnecarra. Boyle. Co Roscommon 225 (see B above) and David is the son of James (see C above) Andrew's tomb in Hollymount churchyard shows that his wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) died in 1775 aged 64 and he in 1784 aged 74. 226 Also in the same grave are their son. Francis who died in 1774 or 1775 and a daughter Jane. They also had daughters Mary. wife of Thomas William Ruttledge, 227 and probably Rebecca. wife of Andrew Ruttledge of Athlone/Turlough. 227 (for both see A above). It is not known if Andrew had other sons. or if Francis had any children.


In addition to the five Ruttledge families already dealt with, there is a slight possibility that the Ruttledges of Kilcorkey. Co. Roscommon 228 (quarter mile south of Bellanagare) were related to them. Three members of this family flourished in the l8th century - a father. Richard who became a Protestant in 1738 229 and died at Kilcorkey in 1771, 230 his eldest son Nicholas 231 who became a Protestant in 1787. 229 and his son Myles who married Christian Kavanagh in 1760. 232 In 1787 Nicholas and Myles are recorded as being of Cottage, Co. Mayo. 233 .

A dozen or more memorials in the Registry of Deeds between 1757 and 1787 record their history. In 1768 David Ruttledge (C above) witnessed one of their deeds. 234 in 1772 Francis Ruttledge, then of Boyle (E above) took a lease of their Kilcorkey lands 235 and in 1782 a most complicated transaction took place between them and Thomas Ruttledge of Bloomfield (B above) Andrew Ruttledge of Poldryan (E above) Andrew Ruttledge of Athlone and Peter Ruttledge of Hollymount. (both A above) 236

This contact between Francis Ruttledge and the Kilcorkey Ruttledges may have been no more than just curiousity in the first instance - they both had the same surmame and Francis lived nearby at Boyle. But there may also have been a relationship. In that part of Genealogy No. 1 quoted at E above, Francis' father, Andrew of Poldryan is shown as having been the son of a second marriage. the son of the first marriage being Richard who `died a young man'. If the Genealogy is wrong on this point. Richard of Kilcorkey could well have been the half-brother of Andrew Ruttledge of Poldryan.

There seems to have been no relationship between the Co. Mayo Ruttledges and those at Cloonmaheen 237 and Cullens, 238 both in Co. Sligo. although one of the Culleens deeds shows James Ruttledge of Tawnaghmore buying some of their lands around 1755. 239



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