Get to know me!

Hi! My name is Luisana Jiménez, but you can call me Lulu. I am 20 years old, and i was born and raised in Portuguesa, Venezuela. I'm currently studying my first year of Computer Engineering in Francisco de Vitoria University, located in Madrid, Spain.

I moved this country when i was about 18 years old, and it wasn't easy leaving my family, friends and pets behind. Even though it was complicated, I'm extremely grateful I got the opportunity of living in such a beautiful country like Spain.

I consider myself a very creative and artistic person aswell. Some of my hobbies are playing the piano, drawing, reading, and listening to music. I also love spending my free time staying home, playing with my pets: Kira, Lennon and Kiara!

Who I think I am

I think I am a very ambitious, yet indecisive, person. I've always been a hardworker, setting goals for myself throughout my whole life, even if they're too complicated at times. However, obstacules never stop me from getting what I dream of, they instead make me work harder. Since I'm still very young, I haven't been able to grow as much as I would like to, however, I still have plenty of time in my hands to build a better version of

Who I really want to be

I want to be succesful, not in terms of wealth, but in terms of being satisfied with my acheivements during my entire career. I want to be able to enjoy every project that I work on, feeling proud of myself no matter what the outcome is going to be.