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Latest update Sep 15, 2008
September 2th, 2008
The Buddfab did succeed in driving a new world speedrecord for 50cc at the speed of 233.3 km/h. This is about 8 km/h faster than the Dutch record from 1981. This is a fantastic result for USA motorsport and it seems to be not the last one. In Holland we think it is also succes that it tooks a period of 27 years to do it, which is a record on its own.

The mailing of John Buddenbaum

September 13, 2008
We achieved our goal, it took, 4 years, 5 trips to Bonneville, 22 runs down the salt. Thanks for everyone's support and interest.

Regards John Buddenbaum and Team Buddfab

BUDDFAB STREAMLINER World's fastest 50cc and 100cc motorcycle.

On the opening day of the 2008 International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB held on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, John Buddenbaum of Sunnyvale California piloted the Buddfab Motorcycle Streamliner to a two way; flying start; one mile average speed of 144.966mph (233.300 km/h). This performance exceeded Jan Hubertsʼ Kreidler powered streamlinerʼs 1981 FIM record by over 5mph. John used a turbocharged fuel burning 50cc Aprilia RS50 (Moto Minarelli AM6) modified with Metrakit pro race engine parts.

Later at that same meet; Eric Noyes also of Sunnyvale California; drove the streamliner with a naturally aspirated CR80 Honda engine in the 100cc class to a two way one mile average speed of 151.425mph (243.695 km/h) beating Jack Costella's 2004 Nebulous 4 streamliner record by over 10mph.

Both records surpass the performance of any engine configuration in their respective displacement class at any officially timed event.

FIM World Records are awaiting certification of the paperwork.

FIM website

FIM worldrecords pdf file update March 2th, 2005

Buddfab website

The Buddfab team

1 1/4" X .095" Rollcage doubles as frame, rider is as low and far forward as possible giving a forward weight bias and just able to see over the front end. You can see just how small the motor is!
If the English version is not ready, you will be automaticle passed to the Dutch version
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