AG Price's 16 Wheeler Locomotive

Here's a short description of the 16 Wheeler geared loco built by AG Price of New Zealand. Apologies for the load times. Hope you enjoy.

AG Price was an engineering company in New Zealand that specialized in manufacturing equipment for the local logging industry. Price built all manner of contraptions, from donkey engines and pumps through to locomotives, many of which were ingenious twists on more common designs from the US, modified to better suit New Zealand conditions. The most extreme of these would probably have to be the 16 Wheeler, a line drawing of which is shown here.

Basic plan of AG Price 16 wheeler. Note the bolsters above the outboard trucks.

Delivery shot of a Price 16 wheeler

As the caption above tells, the 16 wheelers were equipped with 7 1/2" X 10" cylinders which were powered by a 140 PSI boiler. The curious thing about this machine is that despite the obvious articulation of the twin truck bolster, the drive system is based on that of the US style Class A Climax Locomotive.

The picture at right is of one Price 16 Wheeler just after leaving the AG Price works. This success of this design is demonstrated by the fact that Johnstons, another New Zealand engineering firm, is also known to have produced a similar machine for use in the local logging industry.

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