Aefvadh to the RSR LibraryOther Tomes of Knowlege
Within these pages, you will find other items of interest that, while not exactly pertaining to any one sim within the RSR, are nonetheless entertaining (read: not necessarily Paramount/ST cannon), and perhaps useful in your portrayal of the Rihannsu. It is my hope that it will suppliment the vast amount of information concerning the Rihannsu that you may find by visiting the main site here.

I'm still currently working on this section, but keep checking back as I will add to it as I get the inspiration and the opportunity to do so. Enjoy!

*=\/=* Games *=\/=*
Chapter 1: An`haih
Chapter 2: Lahal
Chapter 3: D`Elo
Chapter 4: 3D and 4D Chess

*=\/=* Language *=\/=*
Chapter 1: Aliens
Chapter 2: Astrological Terms
Chapter 3: Clothing
Chapter 4: Colors
Chapter 5: Creatures
Chapter 6: Cultural Aspects
Chapter 7: Equipment
Chapter 8: Food
Chapter 9: He/She/It etc.
Chapter 10: Houses
Chapter 11: Measure of Time
Chapter 12: Medical Terms
Chapter 13: Misc. Words
Chapter 14: Names: An Explaination of Rihannsu Names
Chapter 15: Numbers
Chatper 16: Places
Chapter 17: Posts/Positions
Chapter 18: Pronunciation Guide (or: How to Speak Rihannsu)
Chapter 19: RSR - Ranks
Chapter 20: Seasons and weather
Chapter 21: Lets Talk about SEX baby....
Chapter 22: Ships / Starbases
Chapter 23: Society
Chapter 24: Useful Phrases

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