*Possible Suspect Sketch*
"We will never stop searching for her.  We will find her and we will find the person that harmed her.  It's been a journey, a story of love and loss, but we are still hopeful and we want Molly to know we'll never give up."
- John Bish, Sr.; Molly's Father 
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The posters above are the first three posters that were distributed following the disappearance of Molly Anne Bish.  The poster on the left was the first poster distributed by the Warren Police Department in the first few hours following Molly's disappearance.  The middle poster is the first composite sketch of a man seen at the pond the day before Molly disappeared.  The poster on the right was later distributed by the Polly Klaas Foundation following the release on March 19, 2001 of the updated composite sketch of the man seen at the pond.
"Somebody else had to see this man other than me.  This man is out there. 
He's going to hurt somebody again." -
Magi Bish; Molly's Mother
*New Sketch Rekindles the Hope of Finding Molly*
The sketches seen below on the left were released to the public on March 19, 2001.  They replace the original computer-generated sketch of the suspect (seen below on the right) in Molly Anne Bish's disappearance.  The sketches were drawn by the renowned sketch artist, Jeanne Boylan who is known for her sketch of Richard Allen Davis, the man convicted of killing Polly Klaas back in 1993.  The release of the new sketches have renewed the hope of finding not only Molly, but also lets the person(s) responsible for her disappearance know that her friends and family will always be searching for the answers to bring their "Tigger-girl" home. 
If you can identify the man below or have
ANY INFORMATION about what happened at Comins Pond on June 27, 2000, PLEASE CALL: The MA State Police @ (508) 832-9124, The Worcester County District Attorney's Office @ (508) 755-8601 or The Warren (Massachusetts) Police @ (413) 436-9595 or 1-800-808-9677.
"We'll never stop looking for Mol." - Magi Bish; Molly's Mother
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