Littles Little DNA Project

Family Facts: Following are a list of little facts, photos, and maps that may be of interest to family researchers:

Facts and Family Lines

  • Evolution of Surnames in the British Isles from 1066 to the 1500s

  • Little and Klein Surname Derivation

  • Places of Origin of Littles in NY Passenger Lists

  • Tracing the Borders Littles through DNA Testing

  • Article on DNA testing that mentions the Little DNA project

  • Read a "Little Success Story" on the SMGF web site

  • Littles in the 1867 Voters Registration of Texas

  • History of the Borders Littles

  • Article in the West Austin News

  • Descendants of George Little, born about 1735

  • Tombstone of George Little at Van Meter Springs, KY

  • Descendants of Jonas Little Sr, born about 1755

  • Littles of Chester Co SC (from "Footprints in Marion Co IL"): page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4

  • Little & Klein Family Records of York & Adams Co PA


  • Little DNA Project members

  • Descendants of Littles in Wiltshire Co England and Surry Co Virginia & Pitt Co NC

  • Descendants of Littles in Central Virginia

  • Descendants of Isaac Little and Elizabeth Poe

  • Frank Little and family of Lawrence Co AL

  • Grady Little and family of Lawrence Co AL

  • Littles at the Gathering of the Clans, Scotland, 2006


  • Major Y-chromosome Haplogroup Distribution

  • Y-chromosome Haplogroup Map of Europe

  • Y-chromosome Haplogroup Map of the World

  • Y-chromosome SNP (Haplogroup) Migration (from the Genographic project)

  • R1b migration into Europe (from the Genographic project)

  • Haplogroup map of the British Isles

  • Haplogroup map of Germany and Poland

  • Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum (18,000 b.c.)

  • Europe in 4000 bc (showing megalithic tomb distribution)

  • Europe in 800 bc

  • Distribution of continental European coins in pre-Roman Britain

  • Roman Britain

  • Anglo-Saxon England 550 ad

  • Anglo-Saxon England 800's ad

  • Viking settlements in Britain in 1000 ad

  • Distribution of Littles in Wiltshire County England in 1500 to 1800

  • North Berkshire and Northeast Wiltshire England, 1800s

  • Region of "Liddel" along the the border of Scotland and England in 1400 ad

  • Borders region between Scotland and England in 1600 ad

  • Distribution of Littles in Dumfriesshire parishes in the LDS IGI from 1600 to 1899

  • Distributions of Littles in the 1700s (as a % of all Littles) on a modern-day map of England

  • Distribution of Littles in England and Wales in the 1891 census

  • Distribution of Littles in the US in the 1920 census

  • Early locations of the "Littles in Blue"


  • Eclectic DNA information


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