252. John WITHERSPOON (242) was born in 1730 in Williamsburg Co., SC.(243) He died in 1805 in Williamsburg Co., SC.(244) Kingtree, Williamsburg, SC is the states oldest inland settlement. In 1732 the "poor Calvinists" from the north of Ireland sailed up the Black River from Charleston to the King's Tree, a white pine on the banks of the river. Thes Covenanting Presbyterians moved from Drumbo and Knockbracken in the boroughs of Castlereagh and Lisburn of County Down near the shores of Belfast Lough. (Some of the Scot-Irish had arrived at Philadelphia and took the Great Wagon Road through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to Salem, North Carolina then to Asheville and the King's Mountain area of South Carolina.)
Indian corn, rice, wheat, flour, beef, pork, rum and salt was supplied for a year by the Council of South Carolina. Men over 16 years of age received an axe, narrow hoe and brood for farming. Homes here were often constructed of mud and lumber as they had been in Ulster. The driving rains of SC destroyed these homes quickly.
The first Presbyterian Church was organised in 1836 with a John Witherspoon as the main inspiration at the log meeting house on the two acre site. Witherspoon was well versed in the scriptures and the principles of Presbyterianism. The Sabbath was strictly kept and sinners stood trial and were censured if found guilty. The church was the center of the community. He was married to Mary WITHERSPOON about 1750 in Williamsburg Co., SC. (245) John married his first cousin.

253. Mary WITHERSPOON was born on 9 Nov 1733. (246)(247) She died on 12 Apr 1805.(248) Children were:

child i. John WITHERSPOON was born in 1755 in Williamsburg Co., SC. (249) He died in 1827 in Williamsburg Co., SC. (250) He was a Judge in Williamsburg District. He resided near Midway Church, SC.(251)
child ii. Elizabeth WITHERSPOON was born in 1758.(252) She died in 1760.(253)
child iii. William WITHERSPOON was born in 1760.(254) He died in 1768.(255)
child iv. Sarah WITHERSPOON was born in 1762.(256) She died in 1820.(257)
child v. Mary WITHERSPOON was born in 1764.(258) She died on 11 Jul 1831.(259)
child126 vi. James WITHERSPOON.
child vii. Robert WITHERSPOON was born in 1768.(260)

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