What thing I am I do not know.
I wander secluded, burdened by my mind...
...I ask as a fool who knows not his own spirit:
Where are the hidden traces left by the Gods?
- Rig Veda, I, 164

In this fragment of the net you will find the following strands:

Programs I have written for Linux, the Operating System for the 21st Century
The Daily Journal and Treecle

Links to some major Linux sites on the World Wide Web

Telescope Making

This page describes my attempts to make a Newtonian reflecting telescope, starting from grinding and polishing a six-inch main mirror, to building the complete frame and a Dobsonian mount

Links to some web sites on telescopes and telescope making

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Web Ring
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Some things related to my work

Physics, Plasma Physics, and Plasma Simulation

 The Three Physics
in which is described the strange relationship that exists between the three ways of doing physics

The Role of Computation in Plasma Physics
in which we discuss how computer simulation helps Plasma Physics in particular

Particle-in-Cell Plasma Simulation
in which we describe the procedure followed in the PIC method of investigating plasmas numerically

Relaxation methods for solving partial differential equations
wherein we discuss how this important class of equations which describes nearly all natural processes can be solved numerically

A review of Roger Penrose's book "The Emperor's New Mind"  from the point of view of a physicist. In my opinion, the reviews which appeared in various magazines when it was first published failed to address many of the physics related issues which were so brilliantly set forth in the book.

Coming up:
Plasma Physics, Parallel Programming, and more Linux programs.

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