Some of Les Golden's Nicknames and Their Etymology


"Tie a Yellow Ribbon" -- Adult soccer leagues who chew up the fields at Greenfield (Lindberg) Park should be prevented from playing there following heavy rains.

"Eco-Friendly" -- Created by Ken Trainor, Wednesday Journal. Les' proposal to allow homeowners to pick up and use sod trimmings from Greenfield (Lindberg) Park.

"Cut the Pelvis" -- Created by Ken Trainor, Wednesday Journal. Les wrote that Elvis Presley's success resulted from a kleenex encounter with Oak Park.
Cut the Pelvis

"The Spectre" -- Les' name resulting from his prowess at the snowball fights held after lunch time at Mann School.
The Spectre

"Cut the Roadkill" -- Creative by Ken Trainor, Wednesday Journal. Les suggested numerous means of reducing roadkill.
Cut the Roadkill

"Make the Phone Call" -- Les suggested to the executive directors of Oak Park library and township that the library being be used for township offices, preventing the costly demolition of a perfectly fine building and the environmentally insensitive filling of landfills.
Make the Phone Call

"Cut the Taxes" -- Don't know where this one came from.
Cut the Taxes

"Watch Your Diet" -- Les wrote that the Wednesday Journal "Bruner passes gavel" was an insenstive intrusion on that retiring board president's medical problems.
Watch Your Diet

"It's Not Easy Being Green" -- A long list of suggestions on ways to protect the environment and our wildlife.
It's Not Easy Being Green

"Scooter" -- 8th grade baseball shortshop.
Photo of Scooter!

"Flash" -- Jazz disc jockey and play-by-play announcer for KALX-FM at UC Berkeley.

"Thank Goodness for Channel 11" -- In response to a program on another station about students from Oak Park and River Forest High School demonstrating brutality toward a wondrous, juvenile deep-sea fish, and environmental insensitivity.
Thank Goodness for Channel 11

"Chess Boards, Si! Couch Potatoes, No! -- As candidate for park district commissioner, Les proposed the placing of granite-base chess/checker boards in the parks. If elected, Les was willing to serve the public by travelling to Mexico to buy the marble chess boards.
Chess Boards, Si! Couch Potatoes, No!

"Single and Proud of It! -- Concerning election results in which all the winners were married, and all the single candidates lost.
Single and Proud of It!

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