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This page contains e-mail addresses for members of Easternís class of 1961 (both January and June graduates). They are in order by current last name with their last name at the time of graduation in parenthesis if different. Only those class members are listed for whom we have addresses and who have given us permission (expressed or implied) to list them here. We try to keep this list current but may be limited by information available. If you have any additions or corrections, please notify the webmaster by e-mail.

Aldridge, Ronald G [email protected]
Allen, Paulette (George) [email protected]
Austin, Joan [email protected]
Axeman, Louis (Fejszes) [email protected]
Backer, Carole (Nicol) [email protected]
Backer, Eugene [email protected]
Backus, Stephen [email protected]
Bailey, Tom [email protected]
Barnum, Tom [email protected]
Beekman, Lyn [email protected]
Beekman, Karen (Heffner) [email protected]
Bissell-Colthorp, Beverly (Bissell) [email protected]
Blowers, Cecil [email protected]
Bohland, Sally (Darken) [email protected]
Bowers, Mary (Bates) [email protected]
Briggs, Elizabeth (Chapin) [email protected]
Burley, Betty (Gerard) [email protected]
Buysman, Karen (Penner) [email protected]
Clark, Robert [email protected]
Connell, Star (Cobb) [email protected]
Colagross, Joe [email protected]
Coryell, Kay (Hillock) [email protected]
Crawford, Bob [email protected]
Creyts, Liz [email protected]
Culham, Roberta [email protected]
Curtiss, David M. [email protected]
David, Lynwood [email protected]
Deehan, Thomas [email protected]aol.com
Domanski, Karen (Snyder) [email protected]
Duffey, Joyce (Navue) [email protected]
Edwards, LeeAnna (Miller) [email protected]
Emenhiser, Nancy (Bond) [email protected]
Emery, Doug [email protected]
Esler, Richard K (Dick Esler) [email protected]
Gardner, Tom [email protected]
Gauss, Connie (Arnold) [email protected]
Gephart, Stanley W [email protected]
[email protected]
Gerard, Marilyn (Folkringa) [email protected]
Gleason, Ted [email protected]
Grove, Marilyn (Kyes) [email protected]
Hackett, Judy [email protected]
Hamilton, Ruth (Wick) [email protected]
Heath, Doug [email protected]
Hoot, Margaret (Hannah) [email protected]
Hoppe, Ruth (Backus) [email protected]
Howard, Marianne (Keenhe) [email protected]
Huguelet, Thomas [email protected]
Huston, James [email protected]
Huston, Shirley (French) [email protected]
Huver, Sandra (Nihart) [email protected]
Ide, Sandy (Carmody) [email protected]
Jackson, Dick [email protected]
Johnson, Barbara (Williams) [email protected]
Johnson, Mary Kay (Fink) [email protected]
Jones, Lee [email protected]
Jones, Joyce (Summers) [email protected]
Kaiser, Ed [email protected]
Kakalik, John [email protected]
Kreske, Loretta (Nakfoor) [email protected]
Kueneman, Roberta (Corbin) [email protected]
Kuerbitz, Jim [email protected]
Kyburz, Dean [email protected]
Lohman, Sue (David) [email protected]
Lynch, Marilyn (Swan) [email protected]
Look, Joan (Brooks) [email protected]
Malmquist, Elizabeth (Wisniewski) [email protected]
Marcus, Sally (Wheeler) [email protected]
Mason, Joan (Sampson) [email protected]
McCaghy, Betty (Estfan) [email protected]
McManamey, Jim [email protected]
McVay, Greta (Abel) [email protected]
Medlock, Howard [email protected]
Miller, John [email protected]
Mitchell, Carol (Deuel) [email protected]
Modjeski, Charles [email protected]
Moore, Rebecca (Arthur) [email protected]
[email protected]
Neller, Al [email protected]
Nelson, Bob [email protected]
Noble, Chuck [email protected]
Norton, Ron [email protected]
Novakoski, Doug [email protected]
Parker, Larry [email protected]
Perreault, Pat (Rich) [email protected]
Peterson, JoAnn (Bolter) [email protected]
Pontek, Joseph [email protected]
Ramsey, Linda (Donahue) [email protected]
[email protected]
Rapson, Dennis [email protected]
Restainer, Larry [email protected]
Schraft, Sherman [email protected]
Skinner, Marcia (Gietzel) [email protected]
Sleeper, Barbara (Shassberger) [email protected]
[email protected]
Smith, Jean (Schalow) [email protected]
Southwell, Liz (Ostrom) [email protected]
Sparbel, Bob
Stark, Robert [email protected]
[email protected]
Stiles, Barb (Anderson) [email protected]
Stuber, Jack [email protected]
Stuber, Marsha (Heberling) [email protected]
Taylor, Barbara (Lotus) [email protected]
Tureen, Roberta (Moffitt) [email protected]
Volz, Esther (Dexter) [email protected]
Warner, Merry (Brown) [email protected]
Webster, George R [email protected]
Westrate-Klus, Judy (Johnson) [email protected]
Wheeler, Jim [email protected]
Wolfe, Jerry [email protected]
Wong, Gene [email protected]


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