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             Michael DuVal Finnell 
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Michael DuVal Finnell was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1947 and died in 1999 at his home in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Michael grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky with his twin brother Merritt, also an artist. Michael later moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he studied art at the Jay Datus Studios. This is where Michael met his first wife, and soon after marriage they had a son, named Michael DuVal Finnell Jr., who lives in Arizona.

  Michael moved back to Frankfort KY around 1965 and met my mom Nancy whom he was married to for 12 years. They had four children together from oldest to youngest are Adam, Richard, Simon, and Kori. They all still live in Frankfort and Lexington KY. Michael painted portraits of people and still life for many years in and around Frankfort before moving to equine art while living in Lexington.

  Michael moved to Hot Springs Arkansas, around 1990 to be closer to his mother, Alice Simcox. Michael lived only minutes away from Oaklawn Race track. He  found this to be the place he wold live and paint for the rest of his life.

  Michael studied the "Old World" techniques of Portrait Painting at the Jay Datus Studios. Professionally painting since 1963, his career included doing work for the Saturday Evening Post and portraits of Johnny Mathis, Loretta Lynn, Connie Stevens, Mohammed Ali, and Elvis Presley for Graceland plus many more.

  In 1982,while living in Lexington KY., was asked to paint a horse, a new career was born. His very realistic paintings of horses stood out as the best that equine art had to offer. His lists of clients read like the "Who's Who" of Racing. His work has been seen on ESPN, ABC, and CNN, and has been published in Equine Magazines, Equine, Images, Bloodhorse Magazine, Racing programs, and the Franklin Mint.
    The Franklin Mint commissioned Michael to complete a series of 8 different breeds of horses for a collector edition of plates that have been advertised in 22 countries. Currently his sons are having prints made of these paintings and will soon be available for the public. The Lipizzar, being the first of eight to be printed. Other Paintings and Prints include, but not limited to, The OFFICAL Portrait of Cigar, Saratoga, Saratoga Rendezvous, Rubiano, Forever Churchill, Breeders Cup, and Swale with Woody Stephens. A portrait of Virginia Kelly (mother of Bill Clinton) Hung in the White House during Bills term as President.
Allen Paulson was, before his death, the world's largest single collector of the artist's work, owning over twenty paintings in the last twelve years. Last commissioning GERI to be painted before the artist died.

   Michael held the distinction of being the only American artist to have painted on location at over 16 major tracks and had worked at all past Breeder's Cups before his Death.

  Michael left behind five sons, Michael Jr., Adam, Richard, Simon and Kori each carry his talent and love for art. They paint, draw, and sculpt with the same enthusiasm as their father and you can definitely see his unique art style in each son's work. Michael's love for art, people, and horses will always be remembered and he will truly be missed. To this day his works are displayed all over the world and for sale at several different art galleries. You can find some works of art for sale on this web site, please feel free to email me anytime.

Thank you,
Adam DuVal Finnell
Michael painting at race track
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Recent news:
I do not have an Art Gallery that I sell art from. I do have prints that I am selling that were my dads own stock from his home in Arkansas. I am working on getting other artworks of my fathers printed. Once I have printed more of my fathers works I will place them on here. I do have a learn how to paint horses DVD that my dad made. It isn't the best quality, but if you are interested call me or email me.
Thank You,
Adam Finnell
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