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Will a Montgomery County Blue Ribbon Panel lead to local solutions?

NEW  Panel Moves To Make Roads Safer For Walkers
Committee Outlines Possible Solutions

NEW  Pedestrian safety panel suggests improvements
"This campaign should be hard-hitting and far-reaching,
not unlike the powerful campaigns that launched the war on drunk driving 20 years ago"

NEW  Duncan Announces New Measures to Improve Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Receives Blue Ribbon Panel's Final Recommendations

Remarks to Montgomery County Blue Ribbon Panel on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety
Community Forum on Pedestrian Safety

Blue Ribbon Panel Holding May 10th Forum

County Promotes Pedestrian Safety

Preliminary Panel Recommendations: An Interim Report January 15, 2001

Fatalities Spur Call for Traffic Analyst  in Montgomery
"I would never trade a police officer for a traffic analyst," says Police Chief Charles Moose.

Taking Steps Toward Safety
Suburban sprawl has caused unsafe conditions

Click Here to visit the county web page of the Blue Ribbon Panel

Panel Holds First Meeting: List of Members

Duncan Announces Formation of Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Blue Ribbon Panel

Taking Steps for Pedestrian Safety

Construction Hinders Pedestrian Safety
Can we do something to make pedestrians
a higher priority in Montgomery County?

Pedestrian safety tops budget priorities
Pedestrian safety is the top priority of the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board

Duncan Rebukes Armey on Traffic Cameras
Enforcement at Red Lights a 'Life and Death Issue,' Montgomery Official Says

Paving Sidewalk Designs With Good Intentions
a lack of sidewalks discourages walking and encourages unnecessary automobile travel

Montgomery's Mean Streets
No one is entitled to endanger other people's lives.

WALK DC Testimony to Montgomery County Planning Board
Pedestrian transportation must be favored over all other modes, motorized and  non-motorized.

Words of Caution for the Wary Pedestrian
With pedestrians dying left and right, it would be nice to think something could be done.

  Montgomery County Executive proposed FY2002 budget announcement
budget includes $1.2 million for recommendations made by Blue Ribbon Panel on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety

A Bridge Over Troubled Traffic
Pedestrian pathway approved to serve Forest Glen Metro

County Proposes Downtown Traffic Study
estimated $200,000 cost not in budget

Red-light Runners, Prepare to Dig Deep
Montgomery County Council urges $250 fine

Piney Branch under Construction
"Sidewalks, bike-friendly shoulders being built..."

Maryland Going 'Beyond the Pavement'

Communities Walking the Walk
"life should be simpler and safer for pedestrians"

Making Room for Pedaling and Pedestrians

Taming Streets for Two Feet
Pedestrian deaths have led some California cities and towns to
implement crackdowns on crosswalk violations.

Making Walking and Cycling Safer: Lessons from Europe

Your Right to Cross the Street

Pedestrian Safety Campaigns Launched

Is raising pedestrian issues necessary?
Read the next articles and then answer that question.

NEW  Kensington sidewalk issue sparks debate
"I wouldn't walk there for nothing, the way cars zoom down here"

NEW  Parking at EuroMotorcars causing pedestrian woes
cars for sale are parked on the sidewalk

NEW  Three Germantown pedestrians hit in one day
In addition to the student killed near Northwest High School on Jan. 9,
two other pedestrians were struck by vehicles in Germantown that day.

NEW  Maryland Student's Death Puts Focus on School Crossing
Principal, State Argue Over Why Safety Fence Was Delayed

NEW  Duncan And Moose Renew Their Call For Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian Fatality Statistics Released

NEW  Maryland's Mean Streets
It is pathetic that we have to have Walk to School Day, but that is what the world has come to.

Worries Litter Walk to School
Few Sidewalks, Busy Streets Among Parents' Concerns in Prince George's

Disregarded . . .
.It is common to see women running with children in tow
and senior citizens edging to the curb in the hope of spotting a break in the stream of rushing cars.

Pedestrian deaths called 'epidemic'
Within 24 hours this weekend, three pedestrians were killed in two separate accidents in Montgomery County

Pedestrian Impediments: A Walk on the Wild Side
"Sidewalk Closed, Use Other Walk"

Stop in the Name of Life
a lot of adults, hurrying here and there, don't seem to see STOP anymore

Crossing a Dangerous Line
Accidents Spur Efforts to Make Roads Safer for Pedestrians

The New Republic: Street Sign
nationally, cars and trucks kill about 5,000 American pedestrians per year

1 Killed, 6 Hurt Crossing Streets

2 Pedestrians Killed in Hit-and-Run Accidents 

Why Johnny Can't Walk to School

In Race with Traffic, Pedestrians Are Loosing

Pedestrian Death Is 2nd in Montgomery in 2 Days

Hit-and-Run Driver Pleads Guilty, Faces 10-year Prison  Sentence
Man drove car dragging five year old boy in March 2000

5-year-old hospitalized after hit-and-run

A Volatile Mix

Suburbs Struggling to Make Walking Safe
Suggested Solutions

NEW  Police teach pedestrians a lesson on safety near mall
Police are educating the public about pedestrian safety and laws
in response to two pedestrians who were killed on Westlake Drive last month.

NEW  Pedestrian safety improvements set for Great Seneca
15-year-old girl killed crossing the street

NEW  What Maryland Is Doing for Pedestrians
we urge pedestrians to protect themselves

NEW  Residents briefed on pedestrian safety
Fourteen pedestrians were hit by cars and killed in Montgomery County in 2001

NEW  Give pedestrians a chance against traffic
There is no margin for error with speeding traffic only a few feet away.

NEW  Safety meeting scheduled after second pedestrian hit
police are urging pedestrians to use crosswalks and are increasing enforcement along the road

NEW  Rockville Seeking Safer Paths
State, County Rejected Pedestrian-Friendly Plans, City Says

NEW  City demands help with pedestrian safety
road blocks trying to make changes on state-owned roads

NEW  Do something substantive for pedestrian safety
Letter to Editor response to Jaywalking article just below

NEW  Jaywalking moves up on agenda
$40,000 State Highway Administration grant to promote pedestrian safety

NEW  Driver Gets 8 Years in Pedestrian's Death
Falls Church Woman, Who Was Sleepy From Illegal Drugs, Apologizes to Family
Related news and articles

NEW  Oakland unsafe for walkers
Grants aim to prevent pedestrian injuries and fatalities

With a tone of confidence
County begins to provide crosswalk signals for visually impaired

He Takes Back the Streets for Walking
slimmer roads are "leaner, safer and more efficient," and they take some of the stress off drivers too

The impossible dream?
There's a will for Metro in Tysons, but a way may be another story

Capitol Hill Spokes Man
to negotiate a narrow passageway just outside the office of Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer, you have to step around the bicycle leaning against the wall

Amble On
Charlottesville's Downtown Mall Is a Stroller's Paradise

Testimony to Transportation Planning Board
of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Automobiles will always collectively take as much space as we give them.

Pedestrians Taking Steps to Further Their Cause
cities and suburbs are increasingly being designed in ways that  favor cars
and make pedestrians feel unsafe or make walking unpleasant

First National Congress of Pedestrian Advocates: August 2001

Pedestrian Safety: Always look left-right-left
50,000 children are hit each year

Pedestrian vs. Prosecutor: Road Rage Costs Lawyer Her Job
Atlanta, Georgia District Attorney fired for road rage directed toward pedestrian

Suburbs Ponder Weighty Matters
"in the cul-de-sacs of suburban Germantown, polite society does not often walk"

Pedestrian Safety Testimony to NYC City Council Committee
"Roadways built with flawed design create deadly conflicts between pedestrians and motorists."

Convicted Drivers to Work with Victims

N.Y. Laws Give Deadly Motorists Free Ride
"killer drivers run little risk of more serious sentences"

Why Can't Johnny Walk to School?
"communities are abandoning historic neighborhood schools that students can walk to in favor of new schools the size of shopping malls built in farflung locations"

Types of Pedestrian Crashes Have Changed Since the 1970s

When Innocence Can't Relieve Remorse: Surviving Drivers Suffer Guilt of Fatal Crashes
replies to "When Innocence Can't Relieve Remorse"

Sidewalk Selfishness Means Danger for All
Some replies to "most outlandish article" ever

Guilty, but Feeling Guilt-Free

Accident Confirms Activist's Fears

Red Light Runner Gets 45 Days in Death

Aiming to Revive the Walk to School

Snow Removal: Roads v. Sidewalks
Documents from the Montgomery County (Maryland) government give a fairly clear picture of the much higher priority that was given to roadways over pedestrian ways. The County claimed to take care of removing snow from the roadways promptly while urging residents to clear sidewalks. The fact that the County Council passed a new law in April 2001 requiring home owners to clear snow from their sidewalks shows that increased priority is being given to pedestrian issues and that change is possible with citizen pressure.

Snow-Shoveling Measure Becomes Law

Montgomery County Committees Pass Snow Bill
County Council passes bill 5-3 in April

Homeowners May Be Required to Clear Snow Off Sidewalks
January 2001: County council considers new law !

When it Snows in Montgomery County
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Montgomery County Press Release
For Immediate Release (January 27, 2000)
Montgomery County Officials Announce
Neighborhood Roads Plowed; Ask for
Public's Help in Identifying Missed Streets

Montgomery County Press Release
For Immediate Release: January 28, 2000
Residents Urged to Clear Sidewalks of Snow;
Failure To Do So May Result in Civil Citations
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