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A few words of Introduction

What I intend to do on these discussion pages is to stimulate you, the reader, to think about this instrument we play and the possibilities it offers. I don't intend for these to be "lessons". I am not a teacher, I'm just self-taught, like most of you. I don't have all the answers - I don't even know all the questions. These are discussions where I express my opinion and you can just read or give feedback as well. If you would like to contribute or if you disagree with my thoughts on a particular subject, please email me. If you express yourself clearly and have something worthwhile to say (for or against) I will add your take on the subject to the page.

The reason I feel it is beneficial to have these discussions is that a huge number of button accordion players are self taught. The melodeon is a natural for learning on your own since its relatively easy to get a good sounding tune out of the instrument. It is very satisfying to see the rapid progress when beginning the instrument. Unfortunately, its so satisfying that many players stop trying to improve after having gotten a couple dozen decent tunes under the belt - thinking they have mastered the instrument. In truth there is really so much more that can be done. All it takes is some thought, experimentation, creativity, desire, good taste, and a lot of practice. So these pages are designed to help you if you've reached a plateau in your playing, where ever that may be. Hopefully by reading and thinking about some of these topics, you will see where you might be able to improve or grow. If you're already an accomplished player, a lot of the things I discuss might be old news, but there might still be some things that you haven't explored yet or you explored so long ago that you have forgotten about them. In addition, you might think about sharing some of your own insight and experience with the less advanced through these pages via email to me. I promise to try to remain open-minded.

The common wisdom is that the melodeon is a very limited instrument.....but it is surprising how often those percieved limitations can be overcome. Even more surprising is how easy it is to get confused about what is a limitation and what is a strength with this instrument - I'll be talking about that too. Often the only differance is how you approach it. To me, the melodeon is an incredibly fun and exuberant instrument, but it also offers mental challenges not found with many other instruments. Creatively stretching the boundaries of the melodeon is a large part of what I enjoy about the instrument. It keeps it fresh and exciting. I hope that you will enjoy it as well! Happy Squeezing!

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