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    Please consider this the first portion of a report that will follow, in depth, and content over the coming months and years.   I hope to help both the R.L.A.F., the Kmhmu Tribe and Royale Lao Army Component with their own web site as I am "..running on empty" for this web site space (under 1 megabyte left ...)
    An interesting item just came up from a member of the Thailand - Laos - Cambodia Brotherhood, an Air Force veteran serving in Udorn R.T.A.F.B. in Thailand.   For some 36 years, Paul Cummings had carried around in his momentos a Lao Script document related to repatriotation of Pathet Lao (P/L) soldiers fighting against the Laotian, Royalist, in many ways similar to their political affiliation with Communism versus Nationalist.

Document Translation provided by -
Kham Phiou "Chaophakhao Red"
  Manivanh     Click here for details.
R.L.A.F. T-28 Ace Combat Pilot
[email protected]
P/L Repatriotation Document - Side 1

Translation and Background Information:

    Royal Lao Army Insignia The one you attache was for PL that why it had only Laotian, it was signed by the Lao Army Chief of Staff, I was not sure whose, but from reading the closest one I believed was Gen. Ouane Rathikoun who later became Royal Lao Army Commander in Chief, and I believed I had seen these leaflets before I joined the RLAF probably during my last year of college (1964-1965) The sign on the right top corner was the insignia of the Royal Lao Army, it had been with the Army flag along with their specific corp flag, and also on their red beret and casket, if you used to watch the parade like Army Day or Official Ceremonies you probably recall, I believed the Dagger and the (flying) spinning wheel or cutter (similar to circular saw) was the weapons of choice of the Lord Monkey HANUMAN from the Ancient Buddhish story Warrior, for our Air Force was different it had some kind of wing similar to USAF.

Document Translation - Side One:

Used as Identification for Surrender

Valid All The Time

All official please welcome

with justice


provide any necessary faculty for individual.

(Royal Lao Army)

Signed:   Royal Lao Army Chief of Staff

(Gen. Ouane Rathikoun is my closest guess of the signature.)

Document Translation provided by -
Kham Phiou "Chaophakhao Red"
  Manivanh     Click here for details.
R.L.A.F. T-28 Ace Combat Pilot
KM[email protected]

"Hope my translation is close enough if not perfect. (Flying was easier for me than writing and translating <BG>)" - Kham Phiou

- Tuesday, 28 Nov 2000 Email
P/L Repatriotation Document - Side 2

Document Translation - Side Two:

To All Beloved Brothers Prathet Lao

Our country really getting sick and tired of this war, why

we Laotian always have to fight and kill each other, you lived in the jungle

for too long already, instead of living with parents and brothers sisters,

your family still waiting for you, so please return to your birth place and hometown,

you will get the warmest feeling, have food to eat, and will united with your

neighbors rebuild the town and country, our nation coalition goverment always

welcome you, and will provide all faculties.

Notice: Who ever possess this notice can use as
the passport to surrender to authority.

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