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January 27, 2004
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Tonde Buurin
January 27, 2004

Buurin is taking a long nap here... fixed a few broken links. 

So what is Tonde Buurin?

Tonde Buurin is the story of a girl named Kokubu Karin. She is your usual junior high school student that is incredibly cheerful, friendly, and of course, a klutz.

One day Karin saved a yellow piglet on her way to school. the piglet gave Karin a magical compact that along with a spell ("Ba Bi Bu Be Buurin!"), will transform her into the superheroine Buurin...

... but instead of some fantastic heroine, Karin turns into Buurin, a fat pink flying pig! It is Buurin's mission to fly around saving people, a la Superman. Karin gets more than her compact, but also a seashell that dispenses pearls. When she collects 108 pearls, she will be able to transform out of her pig-girl form, and into any other magical girl form she wants. But Karin cannot let anyone know about this, or she'd be stuck as Buurin forever.

The show also deals a lot with Karin's friends and her school-life. Together they cause a lot of mischief, it's really a lot of piggish fun!


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(*) Characters

Introduce yourself to the personalities in Tonde Buurin. 

(*) Episodes

Not afraid being spoiled? Take a peek at the story! 

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(*) Multimedia gallery

Movies, songs, images, computer stuff... they're all here!

(*) Tonde Buurin Features

Things you wanted to know about Tonde Buurin (but were afraid to ask...) 



Buurin, Boorin, and Kokubu Karin has earned many pearls since August 17, 1999.

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