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This website was created to honour the very talented actress Katherine Kelly Lang who portrays the beautiful and strong-willed Brooke Logan on Bold and the Beautiful. She is one of the four original cast members of the show. Please note this is an unofficial fan site and don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave. Thank you and enjoy the site.

KKL Fan Club

As this is not an official KKL site if you wish to contact Katherine Kelly Lang please mail to her official fan club at
KATHERINE KELLY LANG FAN CLUB, c/o The Bold and the Beautiful 7800 Beverly Blvd., Suite 3371 Los Angeles, CA 90036 . Alternatively you can email Amy Farina the President of KKL's Fan Club at [email protected].


This site is currently under heavy constructions. Also any suggestions, corrections, latest news on KKL, fanarts or fanfictions are welcome. Please email me. To see the latest updates on this website click here.

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* Stats - An overview of Katherine Kelly Lang.
* KKL Bio - Full biography of Katherine Kelly Lang.
* Filmography - Filmography and notable TV appearances of Katherine Kelly Lang.
* Interviews - Magazine articles of interviews with KKL and chat transcripts.
* Words from Stars - Quotes from other actors and actresses on Katherine Kelly Lang.
* Brooke Logan - Everything you need to know about Brooke Logan the character KKL portrays on Bold and the Beautiful.
* KKL Forum - Start a discussion or make comments on topics related to KKL/Brooke Logan or read about the latest updates on the site.
* Image Gallery - Pictures of KKL and her alter ego Brooke Logan.
* Links - Visit other sites relating to Katherine Kelly Lang and Brooke Logan. Also links to KKL Image Galleries.
* Guestbook - Please sign my guestbook before you go. Let me know what you thought of this site.
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This page is solely dedicated to KKL. Hoped you have enjoyed it. You are the Counter person to have visited this site since the 20th of September 2003. Please feel free to email me or sign my guestbook to make any comments, ask any questions, give any suggestions and make any contributions, etc. It will be invaluble feedback and will be much appreciated.

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