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New Online! BARBARIANS: the disordered insurgence by Crisso and Odoteo
A critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire The Empire seems to have less and less need for the poor it produces, left to rot by the millions in the reserves of the mercantile paradise. On the other hand, the plebeians could become dangerous as a horde of barbarians � and descend from the hills to the city, but with the worst intentions. For the restless and unreasonable exploited, the mediation of the managers might be as hateful as the powers in office and as ineffective as a lesson in public spirit made to one who already has his feet on the table. Police, even in white overalls, might not be enough.

NEW in 2004: NOTES ON SUMMITS AND COUNTER-SUMMITS by Some Roveretan anarchists.
Capitalism is a social relationship and not a citadel for the powerful. It is starting from this banality that one can confront the question of summits and counter-summits. Representing capitalist and state domination as a kind of general headquarters (it�s a question of the G8, the WTO or some other such organization) is useful to those who would like to oppose that managing center with another center: the political structures of the so-called movement, or better, their spokespeople. In short, it is useful to those who propose merely a change in management personnel. Besides being reformist in essence and purpose, this logic becomes collaborationist and authoritarian in method, as it leads to centralization of the opposition. This is where the concern of these leftist adversaries, so anxious to make themselves heard by the �masters of the world�, in investing money and political hype on the summits in which those in power more and more frequently set the dates with them comes from.


New on the KKA site: Facing the Enemy: A platformist interpretation of the history of anarchist organization Review by Jason McQuinn from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

New on the KKA site: The Tyranny of Structurelessness: An organizationalist repudiation of anarchism Review by Jason McQuinn from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

New on the KKA site: Anarcho-Communists, Platformism, and Dual Power: Innovation or Travesty? Lawrence Jarach from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

New on the KKA site: FROM POLITICS TO LIFE: Ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone By Wolfi Landstreicher from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

New on the Web: Against Organizationalism: Anarchism as both Theory and Critique of Organization from Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

NEW at KKA: Wooden Shoes or Platform Shoes?: On the Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists by Bob Black

A critique of the Northeast Federation of Anarcho-Communists from Black Star North.

Insurrection and Organization

Uncontrollables An armed gang? Too poor a thing: it would not have been able to contain our excessive intentions. Too narrow a thing: it would only constrict our uncontainable explosions. Whoever insurges openly against one's own and others' oppression does not seek leaders, other directives, other cages to take the place of this society, nor do they seek affiliates.

NEW at KKA::: At Daggers Drawn by Anon.

NEW at KKA::: Revolutionary Solidarity by Aldo Perego, Alfredo M. Bonanno, Massimo Passamani and Pierleone Porcu.

The Anarchist Tension by Alfredo Bonanno
Armed Joy by Alfredo Bonanno
A critique of Syndicalist Methods by Alfredo Bonanno
Worker's Autonomy by Alfredo Bonanno and THE COMRADES OF KRONSTADT EDITIONS.
Strange Victories--Midnight Notes by Alfredo Bonanno
For An Anti-Authoritarian Insurredtionalist International
Against Amnesty by Alfredo Bonanno
Dissonances by Alfredo Bonanno
Propulsive Utopia by Alfredo Bonanno. This is not the first time we find ourselves faced with a similar dilemma: how transcend the limitation of the means? Reach out beyond the constriction of the roles? Encounter those who have begun their individual insurrection but find their path obstructed by a pile of blunt instruments? ...

Thank you to Class Against Class for making these Elephant Edition texts available on the internet.

The Insurrectional Project Once one has decided not to put up with being ruled or exploited and therefore to attack the social order based on domination and exploitation, the question of how to go about this arises. Since those of us who rise up in rebellion cannot let themselves be organized by others without falling under a new form of domination, we need to develop the capacity to organize our own projects and activities�to put the elements together that are necessary for acting projectually in a coherent manner....

Translated from Canenero: The Fullness of a Struggle without Adjectives: A critique of a letter written by Stasi and Gregorian that proposed the creation of an armed organization. The article is at times specific to Italy and the debate between Stasi and Gregorian, and Canenero. However, it is useful for its critique of armed organization.

articles from Insurrection

Beyond Workerism, Beyond Syndicalism
Autonomous Base Nucleus
The Affinity Group
Beyond the Structure of Synthesis
Breaking out of the Ghetto
The Catastrophe Psycosis, sept. 1989.
The Violence of Poverty

Discussion on Activism and Organization in the anti-capitalist movement

A small discussion that centers around the issues of activism, organization and how we understand what we are fighting is reproduced here. We are open to well thought out responses, so join in the discussion if you want...

Finding Hope After Seattle by Chris Dixon.
"Activism" and "Anarcho-Purism" a response to Chris Dixon's Finding Hope After Seattle by sasha k.
Reflections on Privilege, Reformism, and Activism a response to sasha k by Chris Dixon.
Dirty Mirrors and Deformed Reflections a response to Chris Dixon's Reflections on Privilege, Reformism, and Activism, by sasha k.

More discussion on activism, anti-capitalism and the anti-globalization movement

Three New texts on Genoa...
Genoa is Everywhere --This statement was issued by some anarchist from Turin, Italy about a month before the G8 summit in Genoa.
Contributions Toward the Resumption of Hostilities --Another statement from Turin, Italy on Genoa.
The End of Illusions --A statement on Genoa from the Revolutionary committee of public health.
Also on Genoa...
Some of our reflections on the days in Genoa: from El Paso

The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement from KKA2.
Give Up Activism by Andrew X from Do Or Die.
The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism a response to Andrew X's Give Up Activism, by J. Kellstadt from The Bad Days Will End.
your face is so mysteriously kind a response to J. Kellstadt's The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism, by Monsieur DuPont.
Some Notes Concerning Future Proletarian Insurgency The Dynamics of �Protest� Seen in the Recent Petrol Blockades in Britain, from Proletarian Gob, Nov. 2000.
Practice and Ideology in the Direct Action Movement from undercurrent.

Direct Action Cannot Be Televized! from Hot Tide #2.
N30 Black Bloc Communique by the ACME Collective.
The Black Bloc in Quebec: An Analysis from the Barricada Collective.
ANARCHIST/BLACK BLOC MOTIVATION --a discussion on the black bloc after Genoa.

Links to other insurrectionary anarchist sites.

guerra sociale -- contains many insurrectionary anarchist texts in Italian with some in English.
palabras de guerra --an excellent Spanish language site with lots of insurrectionary anarchist texts and news.

Willful Disobedience Page

Insurrectionary Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territories (vancouver, Canada)

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