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Hot Tide Anti-authoritarian/Anti-capitalist Analysis Page

"...[T]he destruction of power is not the schematic process we usually entrust to great explosions of violence, or tosmall attacks against the structures of repression. The destruction of the constituted order also passes through the slow and optimistic evaluation of the forces available for attack. It does not take much to accomplish an individual act, often an act of desperation, only reflection and analysis can render that act comprehensible and transform the desperation of the exploited into organized revolutionary force."---Alfredo M. Bonanno

Hot Tide Discussion Bulletin
Killing King Abacus will be a yearly publication. Some of us have therefore decided to periodically publish a short discussion bulletin, Hot Tide, more frequently. Leave comments here:
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Hot Tide Discussion Bulletin #3: Solidarity, Analysis and the North-South Divide; Assault on the Border; Dirty Mirrors and Deformed Reflections: a response to Chris Dixon

Hot Tide Discussion Bulletin #2: Direct Action cannot be Televised, Comments on Hot Tide #1, and our response

Hot Tide Dicussion Bulletin #1: The Scale of Capitalism and Resistance
Terrorist Threats

For translations of Hot Tide in Portuguese and Spanish Pagina Exceso

These articles are reprinted below in order to promote a deeper understanding of how capitalism operates as a global system. We especially wish to gather well researched articles with details about particular geographic situations, not just abstract theorizing. If we our to make our resistance as transnational as capital and build links between those who attack capitalism throughout the world, we need to analyse how capitalism effects people of different regions, differently. A peasant from Karnataka, a factory worker in China or Yugoslavia and a restaurant worker in the US all hold different positions within the capitalist system and, thus, react to different aspects of that system. For some time the anti-authoritarian/anti-capitalist milieu has paid too little attention to the contemporary, worldwide history of capitalism and the struggles to overcome it. We hope a deeper analysis will encourage a greater communicability of struggles and in turn raise the tide of insurrection. Of course, not all of these articles have the same perspective; although we will only reprint articles which are anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist, we welcome submissions which should be emailed to kk_abacus [at] We also welcome comments or criticism of the articles on this page, interesting comments will be posted.

Crisis in the Balkans

from Killing King Abacus:
Capitalism at the Crossroads and the Opportunity of the Yugoslav Crisis
NEW on HT: Albania: Laboratory of Subversionfrom elephant editions.
From Midnight Notes: Introduction to the War in Yugoslavia: On Whom the Bombs Fall and In the US, Dreaming of Iraq
The War in Yugoslavia: On Whom the Bombs Fall by Massimo De Angeles and Silvia Federici
from Aufheben #2 Summer 93:
Yugoslavia Unravelled
Wildcat Article 1996: Yugoslavia:from Wage Cuts to War

Latin America

NEW on the web from Aufheben, article on the EZLN: A Commune in Chiapas? Mexico and the Zapatista Rebellion
Behind the Balaclavas of South-East Mexico from ab irato
From Barricada (see article for subscription info) PERU, an article on the current conditions in Peru.
from Midnight Notes: Globalization and the Transformation of the Mexican University
Link to: Occupy, Resist, Produce: Brasilís Landless Peasants ?Movimento Sem Terra from DO or Die no.7

Asia and the Middle East

KKA2 China: Capitalist Discipline and Rising Protests

Comparing the Paris Commune and the Gwangju People's Uprising by George Katsiaficas

NEW: S11 Truth and Consequences: radical perspectives on September 11 by Solidarity-Arm the Spirit--check out this pamphlet for historical background on US-Afghani relations and commentary on the war and anti-terrorism legistation. Especially useful are: Afghanistan 1979-1992: America's Jihad by William Blum, Osama Bin Laden: How the US Helped Midwife a Terrorist by Ahmed Rashid, and an Analysis of the Provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act by EPIC.

NEW:The Anti-Globalization Movement After 9/11, by George Caffentzis, Midnight Notes Collective.
NEW at the Black Star North site...Revolution or Death, on West Papua.
Revolutionary Termites in Faridabad by Loren Goldner
New on HTAnarchists from Turkey discuss Kurdistan

Cronology of Asian and Oceanian Workers' Struggles
In the US, Dreaming of Iraq by George Caffentzis


Africa, Anarchism and Neo-liberalism by Chekov Peeneyfrom Aufheben #3
Somalia and the Islamic Threat to Capital


from Aufheben #4 Summer 95: Kill or Chill? Criminal Justice Billl Struggles
from Aufheben #3 Summer 94: Anti-Roads Struggles

The US

from Aufheben #1 Autumn 92: The Rebellion in LA: The context of a Proletarian uprising

Global Capitalism

New on HTStates of Unrest: Resistance to IMF Policies in Poor Countries
What is Globalization? from Do or Die #8 (UK)

Global Days of Action/Global Action

Link to: World Development Movement report on anti-IMF unrest in the developing world
Wildcat Pamphlet: Seattle-We Won
People's Global Action Bulletin #5

"We were any newly born baby opening our eyes to a gigantic glow--we got very frightened...every knock, every word became a menace...but simultaneously we realized that our panic was minute compared to the panic of the Mirrors and the Habershons AND IT FLASHED: WE WERE INVINCIBLE...BECAUSE WE WERE EVERYBODY. THEY COULD NOT JAIL US FOR WE DID NOT EXIST. We started daring out into the open, talking to friends, to neighbors, to people in pubs, in football games...and we knew we were not alone...WE WERE ALIVE AND GROWING!

---from Communique 7, The Angry Brigade, March 18, 1971.


Practical History
Interesting reflections on j18
Do or Die: from Britain
The Free West Papua Movement
Midnight Notes
People's Global Action
Global Action Journal from the US
Reclaim the Streets UK

*******The new address for Killing King Abacus and Hot Tide is: KKA Publications, PO BOX 993, SANTA CRUZ CA 95061*********
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