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concerning principles MANAGING Reality Part 21

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    of danger in SLEEP AND DREAM

    There's a catch in the Bible ie ask to be one of the 144 million ie to wander around UNIVERSE WITH JESUS. The universe is a dangerous place simply because if you watch DISCOVERY OR NAT GEO WILD exactly what the Universe is only this time are people who are waiting for her to disco her to sleep to rob at best, at worst to kill. In the disco or club they wait you beautiful women but WHETHER SUCH DAMAGES. The rule is as follows after fucked split the money in half and now he / she is your wife / husband. But most of the children think that all people in the club are from Earth. Besides that can be transformed into anything also teleport from different worlds. Say aliens Antennas little far-fetched. Spiders, centipedes, leeches and whatnot darted in discos and waiting. And once you become your wife or your husband what you will do. SO BEWARE VERY YOUNG most are like black widows eat them after sex. They teleport in a cave underground where their dwelling or in a world where there is not a computer our TV THEY eat. To me that happened 17 years presenatation of "METROPOLIS". A gripping look girl came to me and said drink shake. Can you keep it. I SAID Ok. I accommodate the wall to rest by dancing SWEN VET dropping his set. After a while a super looking guy tight as a detective of the Moscow police. Comes and says me can i drink. Telling him OK And it was. After 5 minutes the girl came and told me thank that you keep it. Today as you sleep i appear on skateboarding which is coasting in an alley on the right side river. I'm lying to him and with one of my "friend" is lowered. FUN IS APPROXIMATELY 3.4 MINUTES only downhill. Finally he braked and stopped one -guide asked me do you like. I looked RED skateboard and immediately I remembered how my brother Alexander descended in Central Park he red hardly kept him balance and fell and lay two weeks in hospital with Comitium. WITH MY Blue I managed to keep my balance. WHY I SAID WITH BLUE IS BETTER by hurting red and started to tilt now in one now in another country to see how manevriera in my hands. He said if I change BOARD WILL BE IN BETTER. I said yes and continued to go down ONLY THAT ALREADY OWN alone. The descent continued 30 seconds and I was in a groove and then an apartment very poor. I walked quickly. I wonder where I am. Cause as you slide down himself already down in the distance I saw 3 blocks of 20 floors where we were stopped by the driver. And I felt a lie And anyone or any licking me on the neck. LIGHT pleasure. I heard a grandmother in the distance said stripped him naked. And I said to myself I think I'll have sex. And I decided to touch and chest. and stretch your arms in slow motion. I immediately realized that this is an animal that I am drunk with saliva to say that licking the neck (7.8 times) its saliva is passed through my neck and it was a little drunk with my blood because I felt pleasure. AND is picked in hands startled and woke up. THEN I hear a girl with a pleasant voice says Nikolay THIS IS MAYA. Hear the voice of God says if you had stayed a few more seconds you will be unable to return. After 7.8 times Lisa neck pleasure is replaced with a slight discomfort as you feel but already a slower reflexes. Several lysates and with more delayed nobody can bring you back afterwards. Then the pain started and they skinned with language and after that they eat you. All the old people who die while sleeping it happens to them. The Bible says, "

    Deutermony 5: 33 Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God commanded you to live and be well with you, and to prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.

    2. 1 Kings 3: 14 And if you walk in My ways, to keep my statutes and my commandments, as your father David walked, then I will lengthen thy days.


    All GODS talk lately about these principles. To me, is super interesting to walk on a great carpet in my room by my grandfather. And I understood. MORE walk on the mat more carpets will occur, or if nobody admires disappear. So it is with tiles. I hear one badass wants to play computer games with gamepad ie thumbs. God said this buffoon WHAT YOU WANT TO HAND YOU WILL finger. For each stroke back kitten and other animals hair, back- spine of all beings become increasingly strong. My example is "from STALL" - otherwise I first time I felt what disc disease (break off very tiny vertebrae). THERE IS A PROBLEM OF GOD HOSPITAL sick people why else would disappear. For cats. So nice stroking kittens birdie or any other animals so that people will grow hairy after 200,300 YEARS. The more you listen to music, the NICE will be. Ie the God of music will be improved so that will help composers otherwise if nobody listens disappears. I wondered why my grandfather could not squat all the way. IT COMES THAT WILL tendon. The more people squat or sit up in posture "OWL". We are all a tendon. Same with computers. The first games were two-dimensional and CGA monitor- 4 colors- now monitrite maintain 65536 (16 bit) colors as standard and already 1 million colors supports 32 bit. Games become more complex, however, played only a few most complex SO difficulty level falls. Games are a fun way to earn money. GOD OF GAMES want to beat ALL GODS ARE opponents. Shao Kahn and his kingdom was beaten for 20 years. BEST NEW GAME MORTAL KOMBAT X- opponents already by another evil universe. Educational films are already showing the entire universe invented ALREADY excited. IN pop FOLK WINS BUT WINS God of love, intimacy and kisses cheaper. Have been only for the rich. YEHOVA in Israel permits sex in the ass and also immorality because GERMANY began to give him money. Therefore ARCHITECT (film MATRIX) - God of the Old Testament leaves ISRAEL, BULGARIA why we chose the country with the many servers TORRENT And life gets super fun. Christianity also assing OF ILLUSIVE MAN (MASS EFFECT 1,2,3). There is clearly money BUT IT WILL done and IT will ass. ARCHITECT is the creator and ILLUSUVE MAN his opponent owner of the other matrix. Enter into the script of our matrix and teleport ALIENS IN OUR universe. Hazardous. STEALING PEOPLE WANT TO DESTROY THE CITIES as it showed in his games. It is BIOWARE. ARCHITECT IS RELOADED.

    What HAPPEN WE if enrichment

    THE MORE SO enrichment marvelously life becomes. For example, they told me that I have access to everything in HIS UNIVERSE- ALL MUSIC, MOVIES, GAMES AND WOMEN. But pleasure is costly to not annoy you do not have access to many movies and beautiful women like me. I asked some telepathic have you heard of ajna they say on nothing of astrancer only tetragramaton. And I HAVE ACCESS TO NEW ALBUM AJNA. I wonder why the most beautiful pieces of all the GOA GREAT MUSICIANS ARE donwloaded Hear 400, 500 times. God tells me most are so great. TV released GAME OF ENDER. WILL POST AND GUARDIANS OF GALAXY because God realized that Bulgaria ARE THE BEST. In a world while sleep let my piece and said, Is that your MUSIC Nikolai. I say this but I have 560 PIECES goa trance they gave me be surprised. They are only shown them my first 20 pieces. MORE MORE rich: the door opens before you, but even if not rich IF YOU WITH GREAT SOUL and I heard as if God gave you 10 lev per day and you give you 5 lev per day of some poor family ALSO WILL HAVE ACCESS TO Everything in the universe. WILL the empty OF fabulous beauty for little money. Camellia gave me for 3 million lev while hospitals MMA and Anna wanted billions. Look strange news PIK.BG . As feline withstand 36 DAYS BOX WITHOUT WATER AND FOOD. A family when moving "forgotten cat". And when it landed heard meowing. And found it. THEN GOD told me. CAT impoverished and they no longer wanted it so God said came into this box. Another strange new- PAPER BOY save in mass murder in America. In this day taken from the library A thick book and left when the shooting started, he turned the back and a bullet stuck in books. Then God told me to read a lot of love but had to die. GOD of reading like it and pay him a new life.


    I overheard a conversation between God and a builder. Creator, Diana bought a Mercedes for 100 000$ . This is becouse i gave her 10 000 TRILLION. BUT HOW? - WAS 10 YEARS nurse wiping bottoms OF ELDERLY PEOPLE AND THEIR clean poop Pico. AMA IF NURSES who do this 40 years HOW will give them ??? - 40000 trillion. BUT MORE THAN 10 YEARS fails. And now with the car for 100 million she will live forever in splendor. Not so !!!!! as the price of a thing as it is the rent per day. 100 million a day and costs because the car is an architect. Okay but ordinary people give 1 lev bus that how? 1000 lev as an interesting movie. Okay but I am an architect earn 30 million a day just how ??? 30 million earning cash in a day. But your car also pay day. 2000 cost me the car. Because you pay for it you are ARCHITECT to you cost 2 MILLION PER DAY. Okay but then will travel by bus. You do not understand me your rank is very high average person pays 1000 lev for 1 ticket you will pay 1 million and brings the instruments on the bus.

    As I told you surround me witches and magicians of all worlds. And show me the movie with some dandy with an expensive suit and slicked my hair and says Nikolay YOU wastrel. God says that person pays 10 million per day for the costume and hairstyle for 1mln. I gave HIM 10000 TRILLION TO LIVE. HE WILL LIVE 100 YEARS with this lifestyle then birdie forever. Nikolai has earned 15 million ALONE will give him 100 million MORE because I like HIM.

    Kamelia offers that will have sex for 40000 with any who offer. THESE ARE 40 MILLION is not for ordinary people

    Lord but ARCHITECT SAID THAT 1 CHICKEN is 1 MILLION WORTH ??? - but it is true but they are only arahitekts


    God told me strange things about our universe and showed me another dynamic. In our universe everything is frozen cars, buses, trains, airplanes all are some special beings Most jellyfish. Do you wonder how cars increasingly look nice how to do these curves and edges to catch the eye. HOW TO DELIVER Mercedes bus from Germany. In dynamic universe trains are alive. OUR ARE A half-frozen in one that showed it on TV and movies all made of metal, plastic, etc. And scientists study LAWS OF PHYSICS CHEMISTRY AND DYNAMICS ETC. ENTIRE INTERNET AND TELEVISION IS MEGA fabulous universe. ALL CITIES ARE skyscrapers including Bulgaria ALL GODS (actors, actresses, singers singers) were the drug MDA. There all life works do not feel fatigue. IN OUR except vehicles entering and others. EG know about candy with peanut raisins coated in chocolate in communist times were hit. THESE ARE MADE BY ONE creature as a hen egg. God showed me hidden in a locker and how fart and fly behind him chocolate candy. Snacks s are worms that take one penny for each eaten. AIR WICK say that aerosols that clean air. AEROSOLS called tiny midges which purify him. Made and one where fart on 4 ,5 minutes. However, if you carefully follow it launches fragrance now 5 now 7 different every time. Like timers damaged. Do not open it if left will take you to the fabulous universe of pop folk singer Kamelia and Slavi Trifonov (where semi-dynamic) where creature will be your child. NEW LAMPS spiral that endure 3000.5000 hours are actually filled with 10 fireflies very small. In fabulous UNIVERSE ALL GODS ARE on endorphins. A IN OUR UNIVERSE (ARCHITECT) gods are all stratified (most expensive drug that is inhaled through the nose and mouth) and enters a chill in the body after it feels like that. Stratified while you sleep can teleport or they teleport in all universes that are 1000 for 2 seconds there and 2 seconds back. OF MDA for 10 seconds there and 10 back. Endorphin 20 there and 20 back. Composite IS THE MOST REWARDING. Several vdishavanniya enough for a whole year but worth a billion, MDA YOU NEED 365 million each year otherwise ill. For endorphin must prepare 3650 per year. My Music ( also GOASIA (ARCHITECT) AND E-MANTRA are multi-layered. DANCE, SOUL, JAZZ- American and Russian DANCE MUSIC ARE MDA. CLASSICAL is endorphin. I WANT TO KNOW THAT IF YOU MONEY NO HOW TO BECOME A singer, musician or study.
    God also told me that people are divided into architects, creators and little gods and ordinary people
    Maker 1 $ is 1000 leva for ARCHITECTS $ 1 = $ 100 for little gods $ 1 = $ 10 for ordinary $ 1 = $ 1.

    God also told me that we live rent. The body is for rent, apartment is for rent. There are many beings who have no eyes because most small eyes for at least being cost 1 lev per year. FOR MAN BLUE AND GREEN EYES ARE 1 million per year. HEART IS ALSO FOR RENT. ETERNAL LIFE WORTH true 1 million for the ordinary man in the body usually.

    FILM "masters of the galaxy" for usual cost 100 $, GAME OF ENDER- $ 50, some usual $ 10, and from 1950 to 1980 and $ 1. Internet and TV in the same way for ordinary people 12-15 lev. The more large screen on the tv, the greater the rent, also if the picture quality is high paid more. On youtube watching 1 video standard for 50 cents regardless of its length. HOWEVER, if you run out of money the Pet has no money to pay current and off or breaks the same with human organs. ALL are ANIMALS and SO PEOPLE DIE or outdated.


    THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD MY GOD told her about 1 week. Is not what I wrote down. It was thought that all the gods were the sons and daughters of the Creator of the entire universe. He set 1 TRIILION TRILLION FOR 100 million YEARS AND SAID FOR ANY something I figured you pay. 1 planet AS Earth COST 100 TRILLION I make them. ALL bought planet for 10 TRILLION AND FLORA began to invent paint one flower and explained how he wants to live and sell it to all the planets in 1 million. God and do it and said that it would take 600 000 flower. A wise God made man and sold 5 million units - EACH OF THE PLANET. GOD MADE LIFE-SOUL essential and said it would cost 5 million SO WORLD develop. GOD SAID YOU BUY ONE OF ANOTHER BUT BE REASONABLE GIVE 1 billion each person to live. ALL PEOPLE WERE ALL PLANETS were different. God also said anyone who invent ME SOMETHING NEW GIVE GREAT MONEY FOR MORE progress PLANET BE REASONABLE. ALL WAS WELL year 1000. Then people started to come up and they pay them and God and them. BUT you get one evil god who was the greedy person and loved most much pleasure and his men started the same. God told him that he would run out of money before 100 million years. If you want others to serve him. Have to invent something new. Flora then ask God to make herb raises IQ. And God said OK but if you do not invent something new will in debt costly. All agreed. There were great inventions world starts progression SO WORLD WAS WELL MORE YEARS 1000. FLORA BUT become rich more than others. Yakuza told God I WANT MY PEOPLE fly and do magic God told costly MAKES YOUR ACCOUNT well. Some people decided to fly them appeared tattoos. Other invented sport martial arts and decided to teach people that. Orpheus invent music and he began to make money. Some have decided to live a modest 100 million years and other 10 million or less but a pleasure. When God told them as you run out of money what you do in The rest time. And they said, will look with one eye and live in pleasure another 1000 years. Well as you run out of money after 100 years what they do. Will live in the mountains in house 9000 years ago to give me money. And YOU will last. NO. You want to make you CHEAPER MERITS OF THESE YEARS 9000 with two eyes and showed him several FAUNA which was invented. He agreed. ANOTHER GOD FOR THE PAY dearly good music of Orpheus and said not to eat lots of fruits and vegetables but we will listen to music. Another son of God invent SUN and God said unto him, Son WORLD'S PLEASURE evil ALL LOVE WILL GIVE 1 million TRILLION begin to teach them a better life. KUPIDON SAY TO all planets have the most expensive plessure happy year 1000 then you animals. SOME OF THE SUN PLANETS said if you want to teach people a better life and to lose his servants AND WORLD WILL pay rent 1 TRILLION OF YEAR OF PLANET. OTHER told God I want to help save people sun. How? I want to carry on other planets MANAGED BY THE BEST. God told him to costly planets are spaced 1 million light-years. I will give you a lot for each person saved BUT TO COME spacecraft in the space around the planet will want their money will lose much and they'll sink into pleasures. An evil God said, Everyone is 1 billion 100 000 YEARS IF kill and die will take 100 million 900 will give me to pay of Orpheus and KUPIDON to our people. Others said God WE WILL protect people GOD TOLD HOW? Will pay to learn MARTIAL ARTS fly and teleport. God told WILL MOST EXPENSIVE cost me to fight evil. I HAVE LIMITED BUDGET THAT WILL OVER IF YOU payments will invent computer games to sell to the evil of "pleasure" and take money from them. DEVIL SAID anyone begin to torment the creatures will receive big money from me as a bet with God that all people will eventually struggle OTHER TO TAKE MONEY. God said if you succeed WILL made way IF YOU WILL cast into the eternal prison with all your men until you run out of money you will lose your there 1 TRILLION OF DAY if you want the sun shines more 1 trillion. Appeared very expensive MONITOR "PROTON PLASMA" God of evil sell 1 trillion a day on the planet. We expect you will look all the evil one year and will spin before God. THEN evil went to the MOST POOR ALREADY PLANETS AND COLLECT ALL BEINGS and they start playing for one second as they said this is the ultimate pleasure remember him forever will be without food and water. They agreed. And after they were filled asked them how they will pay worth 10 trillion and, while still lingered an architect REGARD THEM THEIR EYES AND MAKE THEM molluscs as do 100 million years. THE SUN AND THE GOD OF ROCK told God. Will live with me one day and for one second will make eyes with which to see me and will give them in 1000 and will take 1 million from evil. God told them to do movies look like they will show a universe of each person would get 1 million for movie. Evil God told anyone who runs out money will mutilation and if no one will help him die, and will be slightly BEING before have done 100 million years. AFTER 10 million YEARS. God said I will do a new planet where will I put all human beings WHICH WILL accept me and away from the evil OF 1 billion light years and will bet with the devil for the whole universe. IF people do not eat the tree of life will kill all evil and will do animals forever. If you do not lose REMAIN 90000 YEARS WILL raise RESCUERS will give them 10 000 TRILLION and send them to Earth. Jesus said i will succeed. Then evil told him if you do one healthy person will cost 1 billion. God said, I give you 10 000 TRILLION if you succeed in 2000 the world will be yours. For his entire life Jesus gave DEVIL 10 million trillion for 10 million human health and the new religion grew. For each machan of evil and beaten man Jesus took 1 billion from the devil. Began to build churches and seemed evil was defeated. Kings also received money from God to lead the world. After finishing MONEY OF JESUS he asked the kings and they, these gods gave them. THEN enter paganism in the church. then came the popes who wanted money from God to guide the church and state. HAVING run out of time before they began to persecute witches and MAGYOSNTSI which had the lot and kill them. Any torture were taking money from the devil. Making money and kings FOR WHICH get them back right war and kill people. AND THIS WORLD was spoiled and God is in some cases very. Many people are so poisoned that torment them and now are small creatures and swore to defeat evil. DEVIL heard taht and asked all the prophets, he asked and they told him that some will save a planet. Of God remained still 500 000 TRILLION and yet 40 million years. Then the devil said to each such one hyalb will cost 1 trillion. One sex 3 trillion. 100 years will lose lots of money and we maybe not win. Computing will play games for the same money if they win we lose if we do not pay. Then the wicked God says will make the beautiful eyes and will LIE TO THEM INTO will cost trillions OF THE DAY EVEN earn, nothing is lost. If God tell them THEY GIVE OR WE EARN 10 million TRILLION OF SUCH. GOD SEND THESE savior of 50 million planets and all except 2 persons lost me and my brother Alexander. Won several planets and losers DEVIL IN 50000 TRILLION OF THE PLANET. 1978 YEAR born on earth the world was badly managed MAFIA EVIL EVERYWHERE have been born in communist countries where God hid. 16 years we bought a computer that God had cost him 5 million trillion. FOR 4 YEARS OF GOD Win 100 000 TRILLION. And God began to show all games of the universe to earn evil and the good, and who won. I started to make music and it was a fabulous assemanted PRICES FOR THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE nobody told me SIGHT Evil Won mint my life 100 000 TRILLION A CREATOR 1 trillions upon trillions of all music sold it because of all the planets. AND SOUND starts winning. Give SCARLET JOHANNSON 150 million trillion SHE GAVE THEM FOR MOST OF MAFIA THAT expensive drug in large quantities can make you a god-God showed him the film LUCY. Give me 150 000 and I gave them (100 million) for 1000 PLANETS place to live all weak beings. And make their computers and began to play and win ELSE their evil destroying planets took them from GOD THE PRICE giving them ANIMAL 1 million less as shown in the film ENDER GAME. GOD SAID GIVE ALL PEOPLE OF 1 BILLION SO THAT Win evil on this planet. 1 million a day worth MDA drug that makes you smarter ALL BEWARE IF YOU DO NOT invnet something going wrong. 1 emptying of ordinary woman worth 1000 . 100 000. conceive ,a kiss 1000 simple food for one day 1000. Internet and TV for one day 10000. BEST FILM cheap 1000. GAME OF ENDER 5000 A master of the galaxy 100 million a HD movie 1 million. IN 3D GLASSES 10 million. OF MOST EXPENSIVE monitor or TV with 3d glasses 100 MILLION. UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE incidents occurred, and who WHY PEOPLE DIE IN EARLIER SOME OF 100 YEARS. Ordinary man SELLER OR DRIVER earn lifetime 10 billion. COMPLEX IN MORE TRADES why God offers them an expensive pleasure. Music from the Internet radio 1 piece 100 YOUTUBE watching 1 video 500. If you play computer games can earn a lot, but a lot and lost. Evil Betting LOSS GOD THEIR PAY FOR VICTORY GOD WINS talking about fabulous BETS FOR BATTLE UNIVERSE BOOST.

    nearing the end ha ha ha HA HA HAH HA HA HA HA

    Some time ago, God asked me how to punish the wicked. And I told him Ebola. He thought that, as every time you asked me to answer him "colds." He asked me if I choose Paul EMO and Galia their father CODEX. What will be? -I opened the Bible at random and came across the following verses:
    10 In that day the LORD's anger was kindled, and he swore, saying: 11 Surely none of the men that came up out of Egypt, from twenty years old and upward, shall see the land which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, because they followed me fully, 12 Save Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite, and Joshua the son of Nun, for they have wholly followed the Lord. 13 The anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, and he made ??them wander in the wilderness forty years, until all the generation, that had done displeased the Lord.


    CHRISTIANS WILL ALSO BE pity because Christ is the heir and the usurper read down. THIS WHAT WAIT ME IS TO LOOK horror movie ALIVE as it is written:
    Ps.91: 8 thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not be moved. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold, And see the reward of the wicked.

    He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David. 33 And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever; and his kingdom will have no end.

    But not to be ungrounded and let's read what Mary said to the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? 35 The angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; For this cause also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God
    will be called the son of God and not a descendant of David because Jesus is not SOLOMON AND WILL NEVER BE. HE IS A liar and a cheater.


    You must make your choice. Mafia CHAOS. POLICE IS ON ORDER. Chaos means a world is color there isn't black and white. Police is for colorful world ie many gods, but many teachers but have order ie black and white ie punishment and reward. Mafia wants the world to be like JUST IN TIME (TIME DEALERS) so they fight that rich everything is permitted. AND I ARE Highest ERARHIYA why we police. Most of the pop folk singers choose MAFIA. Jesus Christ also choose mafia. Hindu God Brahma choose the police. ALMOST ALL powerful and the rich have made the wrong choice. Ordinary people choose the ORDER. There are 2 orders- equality and erarhiya. Former Solomon who was reject from God forever E-MANTRA for equality. I am ERARHIYA. Desired world of Mafia happens when all people agree with the mafia. Which is impossible should make a military coup in all Member So for now this is unsuccessful. Mafia deal with illegal business as ALWAYS cheat their favorite games are gambling and poker. Slots lure wealthy architects allowing them to earn. Not tied God does not play dice with him everything is right. IN GOD EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY.

    GOD cheats and lying

    DID YOU KNOW THAT GOD cheats in games. I played my mission for GTA VICE CITY- navigation. where fly helitsopter automatically over a car and have to invent march that car to evade the enemy, who once approached her disappears and the new car a short distance apear and the sensor decreases by 1 unit. The remaining 2 units of 8 at the start and one minute in time you have to outwit. At best I would have REMAIN 1 And maybe I would have done without complete success. And suddenly took CAR NOT follow me BUT IN THE OTHER DIRECTION, that never happened to me. Another time I was going to win the game KINTARO mortal kombat (several times then beat KINTARO) but this time my game off. He had one win, I 1 win and third battle would be decisive. Breaks my game and it just then when I was recording REPLAY. Condition and aqueous God is sinless, he cheats and lies And what happened to me is just the tip of the iceberg because it very cleverly covering their tracks he is still Almighty.

    I am greater than Solomon even i'am not solomon

    DO YOU KNOW WHY I BELIEVE THAT I AM SOLOMON- because I have 560 "songs" - GOA TRANCE (7415 minutes). WHILE Assuming that ancient SOLOMON HAD SONGS 1005 = 4020 minutes and it at best. SITE SHOWS ME MY WISDOM which I think is more than the book of Proverbs. Because these sayings are not can remember- should read them again and again. ACCORDING theologians book of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs written by King Solomon. But let's see the difference in these two books.

    Ekl.9: 11 I returned, and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor favor to the skilful; But everything happens time and chance.

    Prit.2: 6 For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
    Prit.3: 16 razumat- Long life is in her right hand in her left hand riches and honor.
    Prit.19: 8 He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good.
    Prit.12: 21 No harm will happen to the righteous, but the wicked will meet with misfortune.
    Prit.10: 4 Lazy hand causes poverty, and hand of the diligent maketh rich.

    Prit.10: 5 He who gathers in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son that causeth shame.
    Prit.20: 4 The sluggard does not want to plow because of winter, why, when looking at harvest time I will not have anything.
    CONTRARY: Prit.10: 22 The blessing of the Lord enriches; And the labor of man is not will add nothing.

    Prit.17: 2 A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, and shall have part of the inheritance among the brethren.
    The parable of the prodigal son Luke chapter 15.
    22 The wicked will be caught by their own sins, and with the cords of his sin will be held. 23 He will die of its withdrawal from lessons; And the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

    Pritchi2: 16 For both the fool and the wise man does not leave his memory forever, because in the coming days all will be forgotten now; And how dieth the wise man? - Like a fool.
    Ekl.3: 19 For whatever achieves the sons of men and animals: one thing befalleth them: As one dies, so dies and the other; Yes! have all one breath; And a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.
    CONTRARY: So tell me ANIMALS YOU CE-rebirth of course they are. PRINCIPLE evolution ever upward and upward.

    The righteous is delivered from trouble. Instead, it falls into the wicked.
    On whom a road or some accident to sue God.

    Ekl.2: 3 I sought in mine heart to rejoice their flesh with wine, my heart While still ruled by wisdom, and till I might see what was good for the sons of men to do under heaven all the days of your life.
    Proverbs 23:29 Who woe? whom grief? whom ride? Who complained? whom wounds without cause? Who puffy eyes? -30 Those who linger over wine, who go to try mixed wine.

    The book of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes ARE the same human-King Solomon. But look how their contradictory so wise ??????

    UNLESS THE BOOK Ecclesiastes was written by another

    Prit.28: 26 He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But he who walks wisely will be delivered.
    Ekl.10: 3 While still fool walks in the way his mind lacks. And he saith to every one that is a fool.

    3 I sought in mine heart to rejoice their flesh with wine, my heart While still ruled by wisdom, and till I might see what was good for the sons of men to do under heaven all the days of your life.

    Ecclesiastes is a fool because it trusts in his own heart to see what is insanity.


    Because people like Emo and Paul Zeus embitters many lives. ZEUS cripples people- some cerebral palsy, other weak mind ETC BECAUSE not competition wanted mafia gangsters to rule the world ie strengths. HOWEVER, I read in the news site for woman who brings hands form ZLATICA (pirdop guess) throughout SOFIA child with cerebral palsy in buses to to a specialized hospital for children with cerebral palsy, "Hagia Sophia" in "Krasna Polyana". Own mother, who weighs 39 kilograms, brings hands his daughter who weighs 42 kg. So thus it takes from ZEUS 2 billion (2 million real). BUT ME asked me while I was reading the website of who take the money that you owe Christian. And they spoke to God let he begin surfing his site if they are his. I surfing and came across this news. Christian owe me 2 trillion (2 billion real). So the money will go to Teddy. BUT I HAVE 30 TRILLION FOR 7000 YEARS. After them a child is now a moron or ill will conquer the world. HOW YOU. I do not know. But God showed me how they make fun of me. For example, this case. Walk with friends and watching some fat boys start to call me look at it this pa how he tied his shoes. I look my tight nice sneakers NIKE. Watching them some old sneakers untied And I say. And Berabatov (I meant Bojinov) with tight links his shoes. Yes but BERABATOV TO LIVE TO WATERFALL not like you in the block. Further. Sign BULGARIAN FOOTBALL celebs advocate for me and wants to make me FOOTBALL but something did not work. So I say that God will find a way to make a crippled child of King Solomon. I found out about the error. Those who are maimed or less make mistakes while playing, driving, talking. THOSE who are healthy and have never been touched by God are without error.

    HAVE SUPER SUPER awesome new

    You can browse rolled in city-with my missions in FOR GTA3 AIRPICKUP, AMBULANCE FLY with program ADMINISTRATIVE CONSOLE GTA 3 to fly copy handling of readme.txt. For GTA VICE CITY. Play SKIMMER MISSION 1,2 also carefully where you copy handling of readme.txt. FOR GTA SAN ANDREAS - 40 rcbaron fly races. COPY only handling.cfg folder in gta san andreas / data.


  • TRUTH of right and wrong

    NOW WILL improve it beyond recognition. I have written IF GOD IS THE DEVIL IN ERARHIYA anarchy. And in Jesus as any arrange with boss ie anarchy. The music that I do is just so chaotic nobody can make such a one. MY new missions and mods for GTA 3, GTA VICE CITY AND GTA SAN ANDREAS also used genarator of chance. SO us at GAME IT'S A CHANCE IN LIFE EVERYTHING IS sort. Whitey is in reverse. Their games are sort IN LIFE IN CHAOS everything is also more white like their own (only sing about love, ie sex and debauchery ie wrong) ie black neighbors are just as I'm saying And king Solomon in antiquity. Jesus and God the Father loves sinners and wrong do not forget like opposites attract and repel. I love King Solomon righteousness and therefore serve Jehovah the God of ancient Israel. Baal, and Dagon ARE WITH GOD FATHER. CHRIST LOVES WAR 2000 years only misery I bring PEACE. SILENT WAR started ie ONLY bickering between good and evil. According to Ortiz is inherently evil ie no beginning, therefore no iam end. I think evil is created by God. CHOOSE YOUR PATH fraud, theft, lying or justice. Because of the black Christ forgive them.

    MORE ABOUT GENARATORA random number

    As did the random number generator in my game MINDCALC can generate random numbers within certain limits. It turned out that the matrix of Architects (random number) generates low and high values, ie from 0 to 30 and from 70 to 100 and in my mod in my MOD KING_SOLOMONisNVKNVK_640_missions_GTA_SAN_ANDREAS_and2_logic_games IN SPECIAL - "TRIAL_60_nvknvk_CLOSE_TO_CHECKPOINT". CHEKPOYNTOVETE appear are not the original place is on the bridge. If it is low down on the bridge. Also, once a short distance another long distant. ERARHIYATA HIS ONE ARE VERY POOR OTHER VERY RICH. But he does so collect them poor with rich AND THEY FОUGHT BETWEEN THEMSELVES. MY MATRIX random number generator is 0 to 60 as my erarhiya. JESUS CHRIST has very low values from 0 to 30 ONLY. A prophet Haggai is very high. And yesterday reflect on logic games that God will do for me to be life simulation with a random number generator and example is it. Young woman's late and having to go through the park late at night. Heard steps behind him and suddenly somebody catches who he is. 90 to the 100 daimon like in SUPERNATURAL, 80 to 90-psychopath killer. 70 to 80-rapist. 60 to 70 thief. 50 to 60 GAMENCHE- ie one that just wants to scare you. 40 to 50 of an ordinary man who walks his dog or runner. 30 to 40 police , 20 to 30 and military, from 10 to 20 angels and from 0 to 10 GOD.

    prohibit GAMBLING

    Any form of gambling even in casino gambling are forbiden, THEREFORE, if you can not refund an huge profits that I bet when i win a lot of races to win. Proscribe gambling, slots, Blackjack, Roulette, computer games betting is prohibited. Playing for evaluation. WHO feet or casino game is an abomination to the creator of the creator. in fact such people are called mental izostanali- autistic and flow. DO NOT PLAY CASINO OR visit EVEN slots prohibited. Because- you can not pay off my profits. There was a German film AMBER ROOM, finally one of the actors in the movie wrong and the whole room exploded. "God does not play dice" - casino is the finding of the devil. WHO visited him serve the devil. DO NOT WALK AND ALSO bars and discos is an invention of the devil. Listen to music at home and enjoy life. ALREADY A mug began to bash their cars HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. They waited for them eternal torment. NOT ALREADY AND FORGIVENESS EVEN ONE. LAW OF THE OLD RULES AND REGULATIONS covenant- remains valid. Christians who sin will struggle now at this, and in the coming ETERNAL hell.

    Prit.11: 31 Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth - much more the wicked and the sinner!

    FOR prophet Elisha

    Turns out NOT EMO brother Paul is Elisha BUT the young man who has starring in video clips with Christiana(Digi dai dai) and Emanuela(Niamam Zabelejka). It turns out that it worked together on attractions in Sunny Beach 2003. Then he gave me to listen to goa trance and said it was a VENGABOYS. However lied to me. This was his music. Now I do not know if you compare it with mine or any of the great dj and musicians it will be on the level. But the truth is that because of him are unhappy, accidents and disasters. Because he asked the prophet Elijah (May proves that Ilia Pavlov) DOUBLE SPIRIT. So the music and the songs are great but also misfortunes. That is, twice as heavy as normal. Let us recall the verse in the Bible:
    4Tsar.2: 9 And when he crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, Ask what I do before I am taken from you. And Elisha said, I pray, let me be a double portion of your spirit.

    I remember that by then there was not a heavy rainfall. But once elected him (2003) year and became an unprecedented flood in SUNNY BEACH rain.

    From 2015 year started me and my brother Alexander reigned 7000 years. SO BEGINS untold joy and happiness.

    I asked God to all live like in paradise. This one. Second The God when asked how they will punish sinners Nikolai told him only at a slight-cold illnesses, bronhit- average, broncho plnevmoniya- serious sins and tuberculosis and death unforgivable. Not sin and have nothing bad to happen to you ie only diseases.

    for a family THIEVES

    I did not know that there can now get their abmination. But shit what to expect. It's about Paul EMO and Galia. So this prostitute sister now claims that the engine RENDERWARE was hers. Because when God asked Solomon what engine do this which is Solomon she said GUstav MOne only two words. But when wa ask this question was not specified. But I 18 years old (1996) I was visiting a friend Nedko Arnaoudov and he boasted that he invented a button that makes RESTART computer (then all turn off and on computer as halt). And then he showed me the 3d engine only points and said it has not yet run. This is only the distance of the object then after thata he will applied correction. I returned home and was once considered the descriptive geometry textbook. And I thought about it. I found it and read how through sections that intersect is the points and make 3d image of the object. Then looked at the books my mother HIGH Mathematics and found formulas that calculate the intersection of routes. However, first made two equations with three unknowns and then solved and thus found the intersection of two segments. Sit down and make your 3d engine OF TURBO C only points could be rotated and to enter into the site to provide sight stretch that crosses the site. And it was and i forgot. 2003 gta 3 which come fully finished only last mission cheat code. I did 20 missions for her. The next year saw the GTA VICE CITY made 55 missions driving mostly for it. Before leaving GTA SAN ANDREAS 2006 IN BULGARIA. I called Vlado Kircheva (MAFIA 2) who was our friend and told him I wanted to buy a new video card. And he asked me which game you want to play and I said GTA SAN ANDREAS. We bought it and he put it was 128 mb nvidia fx 5200. I started playing it and 2.3 mission could not find where deleted graffiti logo of our band. Ride around the city. And I thought how nice it would be if there is competition for these huge cities. First I did 19 missions, then 80 races plus the original that made them to run at once which mission you want. till April 2014 and made races and missions san andreas which became 520. 2009 out game FUEL AND BECAUSE me thought I was Clark Kent which proved that it was not, I attribute it to heaven to me. I made great mods for this game plus installation for 20 minutes with WINDOWS LIVE WITH SAVE. when the best version of EMO brother Paul (skull was put into Setup was 30 minutes without save (you can not write down the progress of the game) everything else version PLATIN AND RAZOR 1911 everything install for 40 minutes. Now only said that EMO requested that he attributed GAME Clark Kent himself. BUT that's not all turned out GTA UNITED (cities GTA3 and GTA VICE CITY) also somehow became his. wHAT wAS he knew Clark KENT- Tom WElling and I have the greatest potential for the title KING SOLOMON and claim that he is a fictitious amount paid to God do these versions (cleverly stealing games). steal for refusing to pay Kronos and Jorrel. came 2012 and the game RAGE turned out to be Nedko. BUT you should know that games GTA3, GTA VICE CITY AND GTA SAN ANDREAS aRE MADE oF 3D ENGINE "RENDERWARE". WHEN GOD asked who is this revolutionary engine I remembered that it was my , because shadows were made exactly as said in the textbook on descriptive geometry. And when God asked who is engina I open Bible and fall on Solomon. Salome and Galia may be one and the same person she claims that salome is actually short for the name Solomon. Moreover, it appeared I'M REALLY YOUNG MAYLEY (CJ-protagonist in game GTA SAN ANDREAS). Then God said Galia you told me that you will be wife will of Solomon, so you only attributed 3d engina. NOW YOU GO (Nikolay Vladimirov Kurbanov = Yong Mayley = CJ) REJECTED SO sorry forever.



  • HOW GOD fucked 14.4.2015


    Если Бог дьявола в анархию ERARHIYA

    you must play with my REAL HANDLING as well and handling.cfg and one of these condit

    FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE(NOT BET- law for wins 3)
    1. starting from 4 cells from 0 to 5 (FINDED over 150 to 200) 18 sec- 5 million $
    2. starting from 4 cells from 0 to 5 (FINDED over 200) - - 20 sec- 5 million
    3. Started by 6X6 cells from 0 to 36- HARD- 23 sec- 7 million $
    4. Started by 6X6 cells from 0 to 98- HARD - 23 sec- 7 million $
    5. START (EXPERIMENTAL) FROM 7X7 cells from 0 to 49 or 0 to 99 (FINDED over 190 to 255) - VERY HARD- - 33 sec- 10 million $
    6. START (EXPERIMENTAL) FROM 7X7 cells from 0 to 49 or 0 to 99 - VERY HARD- (FINDED over 190 to 255)- 37 sec- 10 million $


    NUMBER DATA- 3, VARIATION 5- WIN 5 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 3, VARIATION 6 WIN 10 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 3, VARIATION 7 WIN 20 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 3, VARIATION 8 WIN 30 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 3, VARIATION 9- WIN 40 000 $

    NUMBER DATA- 5, VARIATION 5- WIN 50 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 5, VARIATION 6- WIN 60 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 5, VARIATION 7- WIN 70 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 5, VARIATION 8 WIN 80 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 5, VARIATION 9- WIN 90 000 $

    NUMBER DATA- 6, VARIATION 9- WIN 100 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 7, VARIATION 9- WIN 200 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 8, VARIATION 9- WIN 300 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 9, VARIATION 9- WIN 400 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 10, VARIATION 9 WIN 500 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 11, VARIATION 9- WIN 600 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 12, VARIATION 9- WIN 700 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 13, VARIATION 9- WIN 800 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 14, VARIATION 9- WIN 900 000 $
    NUMBER DATA- 15, VARIATION 9- WIN 1 million $

    НЕ СЕ БРОИ 1 ЧИСЛО например 000000000000 OR 5555555555555

    CLAWS AND FEATHERS 1,2,3 - YOU HAVE 10 ATTEMPTS for first 20 levels, 15 ATTEMPTS for second 20 levels AND 20 ATTEMPTS FOR LAST 20 LEVELS. I FINISHED THE GAMES ON 100%

    breeze blox- . YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 50 levels 10 ATTEMPTS for second 50 levels(50-100) AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR next 50 LEVELS-levels(100-150), and for last level - 20 attempts. . I FINISHED THE GAME ON 99,6% only last is impossible to me

    sokoban 1984- YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 10 levels, 10 ATTEMPTS from 10 to 20 levels, AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR 20 to 38 LEVELS. and 20 ATTEMPTS FOR 39 to 53 LEVELS. I'AM ON 37 LEVEL

    dragon scale 1,2,3- YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 50 levels, 10 ATTEMPTS for second 50 levels(50-100). AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR LAST 50 LEVELS. completed but with help read readme.txt in my save

    secret chamber- YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 10 levels, 10 ATTEMPTS from 10 to 20 levels. AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR LAST 10 LEVELS money. finsihed STORY MODE

    MENSA ACADEMY- coach- bronze medal 5 points, silver 10 points, gold, 15 points -i am 270 points= IQ

    brain challange- 42% capacity of mind- MY RECORD

    webbies YOU HAVE 3 ATTEMPTS for first 25 levels, 5 ATTEMPTS for second 30 levels(25-50). AND 13 ATTEMPTS FOR (50-75). AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR (75-100).

    LOGIC GAME cubot - YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 3 levels, 10 ATTEMPTS from 3 to 7 levels. AND 15 ATTEMPTS FOR LAST 7,8,9 LEVELS money


    klocki logic game- no attempts just can gain money.

    TISNART SHAPE - puzzle only(write in save reached world 3 , and reached level 31- to open puzzle mode). i SOLVED ALL 90 PUZZLE LEVELS with skipping 2 levels

    first 20 levels- 5 attmepts; next 20 levels- 10 attmepts; next 20 levels- 15 attmepts; last 30 levels -20 attmepts.

    DRAGONSCALE 4-MASTER OF CHAMBERS i till 96% i skip 7 tasks. you must over 90% to take money

    ON ALL THESE GAMES I GIVE 50 million euro(minimum 90% finishing) GAMES better than me you have 2 errors( i mean finishing attempts- carrer but still need more.

    KAKURO INERTIA(puzzle addict)
    SMALL -2 million $- UNDER 20 MINUTES TO FINISH , MEDIUM- 4 million $,- UNDER 40 MINUTES LARGE(8 million $) - UNDER 1 HOUR , HUGE(10 million $)- UNDER 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES

    on kakuro loose/win = pay/gain

    MINILENS- FOR EVRY 1 LEVEL- tutorial- 5 attempts, next 7,next 10,next 13,next 15,next 17, last 20 attempts



    FOR EVRY 1 LEVEL- entrance- 5 attempts, next 7,next 10,next 13,next 15,next 17, last 20 attempts. if more attempts use hints

    if you use help -HINTS for all levels used HINTS DIVIDE ON 7 EPISODES. For example i am with 14 hints IT'S MEAN 14/7 =2.0 ERROR FOR episode

    MAGIC FLUTE 2016.
    YOU HAVE 5 ATTEMPTS for first 5 levels for second 10 levels(5-15)- you have 10 attempts. AND from 15 to 25 levels you have- 15 ATTEMPTS.


    1. EXPLOSION RACES- 4x18- 4 challanges. YOU MUST MAKE MINIMUM 3 attempts on evry race. AND FOR EVRY LOST race YOU WILL LOST 100 000 $. FOR EVRY WIN YOU WILL GAIN 100 000 $. you can miss 2 races

    nvknvk_allmission- 19 MISSION WITH 6 ATTEMPS for 1 race. IF YOU SECCEED YOU WILL TAKE 20 million $ you can miss 4 mission

    1. NEED FOR SPEED 3- HOT PURSUIT- ON 1 RACE c class against b -1 million $ LOOSE/WIN, same class AGAINST same- 100 000 $, B CLASS AGAINST A - 1 million. AND "C" AGAINST A CLASS- 5 million $ in single race how many laps you want ON ANY CONDITION.
    with YOUR ERRORS plus 1. i'am with 2 error ->3 attempts


    ORIGINAL races with 15 attempts 1 race . REACH over 160 stars- 1 Billion
    over 130- 500 million
    over 110- 300 million

    MY MOD or - IT's easy USE MAP to find best way.

    nvknvk races with 10 attempts 1 race . REACH over 150 stars- 300 Million
    OVER 130- 200 MILLION
    OVER 110- 100 MILLION use it with these read up mods

    nvknvk races with 10 attempts 1 race . REACH over 130 stars- 300 Million
    OVER 110- 200 MILLION
    OVER 90- 100 MILLION

    ORIGINAL races with 10 attempts 1 race . REACH over 160 stars- 500 Million
    over 130- 300 Million
    over 110- 100 Million

    TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 1- TILL VETERAN 15 ATTEMPTS FOR 1 RACE if you exceeded give me 100 Million if you sucess 100 Million PROFIT.
  • HERE - THIS RACE AND YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME 58:55:65 ("A" CLASS original)- you will another take 100 Million

    MY 20 NVKNVK RACES(press "P" when your in car).
    10 million per race. your errors +1 = ATTEMPTS

  • RACES/angel_races.htm
    I FINISH FOR 59:38:77 WITH "B" CLASS RACE FOR MILLIONERS must edited(disable POLICE there will be not INVINCIBLE police or any)- bet is 100 million LOOSE/WIN

    I FINISH FOR 53:32:69 WITH "D" CLASS RACE FOR MILLIONERS must edited(disable TRAFFIC AND POLICE there will be not INVINCIBLE or any) bet is 100 million LOOSE/WIN

    VOLSKWAGEN GTI RACING with my mod "" - 10 ATTEMPTS PER 1 RACE AND YOU WIN 50 MILLION. if you exceeded attempts you give me

    XPAND XTREME with my mod "nvknvk Xpand Xtreme90procent tarmac" - 15 attempts -50 million. you must better than me with any class car. if you exceeded attempts you give me



    beat SHANG TSUNG - and take 5 million

    beat GORO or MONATRO and take 10 million

    BEAT KINTARO OR SHAO KAHN and take 50 million

    if you not suceess to beat shang tsung or ninjas before him you will lost 5 million



    ON 75%- 1/2 FROM 80%. ON 70%- 1/4 FROM 80%.


    CLARC- extreme puzzle game - 20 attempts for evry level from 32 (i'am on 16) and you gain 10 million for 100% finished game. IF YOU MAKE MORE THAN 20 ATTEMPTS till 16 level you'll loose 10 million. ALLOWED 10 SNEAK on youtube FOR ALL GAME i made 5

    PATH OF GIANTS - 5 attmepts for each level 1-6, 10 attmepts for each level 7-12, 15 attmepts for each level 12-18, 20 attmepts for BONUS LEVELS -FINISH till bonus levels and you take 5 million, FINISH BONUS LEVEL and you can take/loose more 5 million

    you can exceeded attempts and you will recaive 1 error. you can make 20 errors FOR ALL GAME. AND TAKE 50 MILLION, MORE ERRORS you will give me 50 million


    10 million for evry successed challange europe or california


    10 Million on quick race- NORMAL in top 6- 10 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt

    100 Million on quick race- HARD in top 8- 12 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt

    1 billion on quick race- EXPERT(REALISTIC) in top 10- 15 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt



    WRC- CLASS 1

    WRC2- CLASS 2




    CLARC- extreme puzzle game - 20 attempts for evry level from 32 (i'am on 16) and you gain 200 million for 100% finished game. IF YOU MAKE MORE THAN 20 ATTEMPTS till 16 level you'll loose 50 million. ALLOWED 10 SNEAK on youtube FOR ALL GAME i made 5

    PATH OF GIANTS - 5 attmepts for each level 1-6, 10 attmepts for each level 7-12, 15 attmepts for each level 12-18, 20 attmepts for BONUS LEVELS -FINISH till bonus levels and you take 50 million, FINISH BONUS LEVEL and you can take/loose more 50 million

    you can exceeded attempts and you will recaive 1 error. you can make 20 errors FOR ALL GAME. AND TAKE 100 MILLION, MORE ERRORS you will give me 100 million


    10 million for evry successed challange europe or california


    1 Million on quick race- NORMAL in top 6- 10 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt

    10 Million on quick race- HARD in top 8- 12 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt

    100 Million on quick race- EXPERT(REALISTIC) in top 10- 15 attempts(evry 1 attempt is 1 race never mind that is qualification or real compettiton. IF YOU "MAKE RESTART on any seassion" = 1 attempt



    line reach the throat

    Like you and me not wonder now nothing-why ?????? BECAUSE reached the end of progression in music and games. And from here on our already flooded shit. Look the PSYCHEDELIC music but it all pieces are almost the same. IS NOT DIFFERENT DJ making music. WHY SO YOU HAVE ONE OR like TEACHER OR OPERATE IN ONE GOD. And it was only the music, but games- concoction. I mean the newest. Different Load Engines and supposedly has the same make it especially RPG th. YOU DO NOT you sick to lie to you and who's lying, however, the word tells us:
    Ioan.8: 44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth; because no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks, he is a liar and the father of lies.

    1Ioan.5: 19 We know that we are of God; and the whole world lieth in wickedness.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT AT VERY angry. I took 3 of his games (he told me he had stolen them, and now I took them back) and made hem heavenly- ie as must be JUST RACING not A mob. NOW THE GAMES ARE fun and wonderful, wonderful and magical, great and SUPERB.

    BUT YOU KNOW WHAT BEST AT IT IS VERY ANGRY- my game MINDCALC confused him straight in health. Because its random engine 5 GAMES IN MY ACTUALLY mine. He has copied and must now pay.


    I thought that the Earth was HEAVEN BUT I was cheated. Why ????? - answer only my favorite games to play are still GTA3, GTA VICE CITY AND GTA SAN ANDREAS- my mod and Everything I've done without any help FOR 11 YEARS, AND MY MUSIC

    A good music will not find anywhere in the universe. MORE BEAUTIFUL GAMES ALSO ???? Endowed ????

    VELVET STUDIO 2.1 PRO IS tracker program. and the games are GTA3 SERIES 2002 to 2005.

    Told God about the torrent trackers that I want all the media of the universe and it was so. What you thought it was all from Earth, you lied. WORLDS ARE IN POOR AND RICH AND interest and uninteresting. Out so that old games are made with buffers for error on new almost no margin for error. Let us remember gta3 kill them or they get and they place the hospital or police station tory UNDERSTAND THIS IS HEAVEN. What you thought you ROCKSTAR made all gta games. You are mistaken as Bill Gates said that his is WINDOWS windows 8 and rockstar said that their game is GTA V. Other games in the old who are ?????? and most importantly where they ?????.

    LET'S MAKE A LITTLE INVESTIGATION: For Velvet Studio I heard they asked to help people DISASTER ie profit from the program will provide support to people after disasters. And God has made the program. Therefore, we need to know who God made it. You see what new games are required 64 bit windows. Do you think God can do 64 bits windows AND WINDOWS XP. NOT JUST THESE GAMES ARE FROM OTHER universe. However, what are the games of the Earth ?????

    ARCHITECT OF FILM MATRIX makes BIGFISH some games are interesting but that's another universe.
    WHO IS GOD earth. We understand that it is not God the Father. Then Devil Is ??? Al Pacino CLAIMING THAT ALL GTA GAMES ARE HIS but that a friend who is king Jeroboam (Al Pacino BUT SAYS IT'S SOLOMON) see what the game is GTA SOFIA one street and boulevard. Raspberry and some block. Is nothing especially while Al Pacino does. THEREFORE GAMES GTA3, GTA VICE CITY AND GTA SAN ANDREAS are at best God and VELVET STUDIO also. LITTLE OLD IS THIS GOD BUT WINDOWS XP also his.

    Same with the movie as I thought the movie SUPERMAN offices were narrow and then widen them. It's just a movie from another universe.

    not everything in heaven is heaven
    Make no mistake God shows to "strong" HEAVEN while they sleep. To take your money if you say I want to live there. Every time I wake SAY THE EARTH IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLANET TO LIVE.
    I'll give you an example: nature is wonderful - there are elephants and even in the mountains. The mountains are beautiful. There jetpack to fly sometimes board, sometimes even just a hat but everything costs money if your a player lose millions a for a just walk. Those gadjets cost BILLIONS. DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS MATTER TO GOD IS GREAT PEOPLE do not tolerate errors. Ie there is no way to get on the bus because he is waiting just as long as if you're accurate to climb. I'M SOLOMON and failed. Were with an architect from another planet and it failed. Lined up to 8 bus and we failed. Their world is very poor. Why is this God paid for a good media-mountain lifts etc. BUT ride in clunkers like Zhiguli and moskvichi. And wanted to take the money. Same as aliens buy from Almighty TECHNOLOGY AND HAVE NO MONEY FOR PLANET example I will give that a planet like Earth WORTH 1 million TRILLION. SO glad and rejoice OUR GOD IS THE GREAT. And the most important thing in this world there are all these gods that can be bound with rope knot seconds to loosen them in seconds not worth it. Can mock you such as TODAY david hasellhoff and his son Hobie mocked me and told me that I duck and I instead started to talk CAW. THAT THEIR WORLD. Foot "as Clark Kent" take 2 trillion real. For eye-can not give you perfect vision but also 2 trillion. THEY Are connected with aliens. JESUS CHRIST IS ALSO aliens GOD FATHER ALSO. Let us remember, however, the verses:

    Ioan.18: 36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight not to be delivered to the Jews. And now is my kingdom not from hence.

    Otkr.22: A 15 OUT are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

    Otkr.12: 12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

    Woe to us. WHERE YOU Get this wastrel. Earthlings enjoy more than any inhabitants of the UNIVERSE. SEE WHAT HEAVEN occurred.

    pros and cons of your choice
    Each country will choose METHOD OF MANAGEMENT remain ONLY 2 CHOICES- erarhiya and equality.
    Equality in all countries of the $ 10 million annual GDP. Which means that you will live in all 2 room apartment for eternaty- no big houses, no private pools. You say there will be peace. However, if someone wants to become a boss of a company how to proceed. Furthermore OR ONLY sun or clouds just is not very good in the first case -planeta will dry in the second case we will somber and sometimes depressed. Read down "ETARNITY". AND ALSO ERARHIYATA OF OFFICE HERE IF GOD IS THE DEVIL IN ERARHIYA anarchy


    I WAS ELECTED FOR 4000 YEARS. SO I WILL BE KING SOLOMON. So here's how i'll live.
    first 1000 years LIVE IN BULGARIA. The first 100 years living in 2 rooms apartment. NEXT- 3 room live in apartment and fuck telepathic wives. next 100 years-3 th time living in 4 rooms apartment and fuck telepathic wives. 4 th time in 5 bedroom, 5 th time in a house in the affluent suburbs of Sofia. 6 th time in the big house. 7 th time in the house for 2 million euros. 8 th time in kasha for 4 million euros. 9iyat time in the hotel. 10 th time in a skyscraper in Bulgaria and telepathically fuck my wives.

    NEXT 1000 YEARS LIVE IN GERMANY erarhichno again and this time fucking sleeping wives.

    NEXT 1000 YEARS lived in Switzerland again erarhichno but fuck this time they openly 700 women.

    NEXT 1000 YEARS live in America the same way again fuck this time they openly 700 women

    4000 NEXT YEAR AGAIN Similarly row live in the country but this time I'll SCIENTIST

    4000 NEXT YEAR AGAIN Similarly row live in the country but this time I'm BUSINESSMAN

    4000 NEXT YEAR AGAIN Similarly row live in the country but this time I will be pLANE- PILOT spraying the trees with pesticides against pests. 2 th time will fly on one engine plane to smaller destinations. Third time I am a pilot of average middle plane destinations Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas. 4 th time I am a pilot of a large airplane. 5 th time super large aircraft. 6 th time I'll be a fighter pilot. 7 th time I will pilot a shuttle. 8 th time I will pilot a spaceship. 9 th time I'm Lieutenant spacecraft. And 10 th time I'm a starship captain.

    Oh GOD THIS IS 16 million YEARS What WILL I DO ALL eternity.

    MY random number generator

    2 TRILLION WORTH A TRUE MUSIC 3 TRILLION AND MY MOD FOR GTA3 VICE CITY SANA ANDREAS- 2 TRILLION WORTH . My music I've done a chaotic principle of logical actions. And in my game MINDCALC (See first page) I noticed that the matrices of numbers are different. Eg 6x6 cells with limit 1 to 98 once super hard to find numbers, sometimes it's easier. WHY because GENERATOR is the same place ie from 0 to 99 numbers random interruption clock (remember that the game is made of MASM one level higher than ASM and 1 level higher than Mnemonic where ASM mov, ax is depicted in numbers- so the computer actually understands them he understands and units zeros that make up bytes ie the number but do not dwell.'s also important to note that each individual makes one or a few mistakes. bUT wHEN iN COMPLEX MATRIX HE DECIDES tO VERY SLOWLY and at ease faster with the same amounts of errors and these are the computer MHZ on OUR shoulders. I asked God to everyone living in paradise ie standard of living and entertainment is like paradise and almost all I've done randomly ie most of my missions gta3, GTA VICE CITY aND GTA SAN ANDREAS use random engine. bUT WHAT noticed in competitions TRIAL_60_nvknvk_CLOSE_TO_CHECKPOINT and one for the other time was against is competition against motors at reduced speed because chekpoynts appear close to true but a different location from marker that shows the radar. And saw JESUS CHRIST the difference of the actual place and the other is that of parking in front of house or building slightly off the road. SIMEON OF 17 FLOOR my enemy pushing Checkpoint where no exit ie screws. SALOME, Galia (sister Emo and Paul), and also pop folk singer Gergana almost no difference between true and no other place. My brother Alexander puts them in many different places and it's interesting but easy. Indian God Brahma also slightly uninteresting places my brother Alexander but finally the last checkpoint of available hard fucks ie ie you can not make because time is NOT enough for you (it is because he makes people animals, insects and other creatures after they die. a LOGICAL I super fun and interesting and always succeed bECAUSE WHEN mE AN evolution as -incarnation next time or at a high level or the same. THIS ALONE I made random engine BUT THE MATRIX IS dIFFERENT because personalities are different. HOWEVER If MATRIX difficult it is super interesting but requires more time than a weak PC and if you make ERRORS yOU may not succeed.

    began to flood us shit
    Progress is interesting thing. You say flying cars are the future, for example as in the movie STAR WARS. Yeah, but flying cars moving plasma. So the Swiss are trying to understand the laws of quantum physics to build PLASMA ENGINE. The aliens have the technology and some people but from another galaxy. Watch the series STAR TREK. Their world poverty, the terrible poverty. Fly from Paris to New York shuttle instead of airplanes. Yes cum Oil and oil finish but can be figured out with compressed air engine AS IN INDIA already implemented in cars. Further and further and helicopters and airplanes.
    WATCH What's games all games for 64 bit WINDOWS 7 OR 8 AMA that games are wooden (WATCH DOGS) AND (THE CREW) and rotten GAMEPLAY nobody cares. Did you FILM OUT OF INFERNO it burn a skyscraper in China. The risk is very high. But you know what makes me tease me - AT THIS THAT GOD instead of giving money to people buying technology from aliens.

    Watch movies dear. STAR WARS in skyscrapers - life - 20% of the population lives in them outside the ground poverty, TERRIBLE poverty. STAR TREK series fly PLASMA ENGINES however kvi solutions must take daily and always accurate. However, they are WORLD POVERTY so powerty I can tell you. Have a military suit different variety color according to rank, eat some tomato soup all planets. And it is a delicacy that makes replicator (make something out of nothing) that is powered by the plasma engine.

    OF Who needs THAT PROGRESS SINCE 2011. Store this Domko back Billa Mladost 1A is obviously a new owner. Go through two weeks of there still doing repairs. FLOOR HEATING YOU MAKE poor people work in the dark are not provided them with light of these stores know what the sttrucktures is comes only from the door light.

    Most cable and Internet providers pass on Optical Internet why to allow their children to download this game 150 gb (THE CREW) America still in it and other similar junk.

    WHY WE PROGRESS AFTER brings nothing good only worries and sorrow. I have written in
    There is no need to measure 1 kg of tomatoes Phineus WEIGHING but nobody listens to me we can satisfy with the simple one.

    And not talking about sin and for EVRY DAY errors in speech, driving, computer games, etc. SURELY KNOW GOD IS PERFECT sinless ie. But people ????
    Matthew 18:21 Then Peter came to Him and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times? 22 Jesus said unto him, I say not, Until seven times - up to seventy times seven.

    Just imagine a bus driver in that ride to make 70 times 7 errors in one run. LAUGHTER NOT IT. Now wonder my brother Alexander has 1 error sequnce ie if he play my game mindcalc for yourself each day he has to find logic or luck he once confused. The assessment is 24, mine is 23 I make two mistakes sequnce. God does NONE. SO WHEN HE WANTS "suggests" says you play for me the most difficult races or against bosses. Anyone who recognizes him ALSO DRIVING OR PLAY FOR HIM.

    IF YOU OR WRITER programmer can wrong somewhere but fix. Driving can lead to accidents during construction to defect, etc. We all want or do not want to do for someone. And this is proof that God controlled as you want. The bad thing is when a person who "sees" also begin to control this. SO THERE HELL, so there is torture.

    Example: Paul, EMO and Simeon and GALYA ARE WITH 4 TO 6 OF ERRORS SEQUNCE. you laugh but they say that they are kings.

  • WHO IS YOUNG MAYLAY and who is CJ (GTA SAN ANDREAS) 28.5.2014
    After reading a little argument, God asked me how you want me to show I told him as I read this newspaper is this picture (see image at Then he asked me how you want your music I yelled "mother fucker", mother fucker and it's this song. "King T, Young Maylay - Liq Hittaz" All this is Young Mayley. Also see a whole album
    NOTE EARS mine are square just like the picture with the gun and not elepsivodni. THIS IS BECAUSE i look into the astral (in heaven and hell and heavenlies). God thought me that i am Jhon Shepurd of MASS EFFECT and I was done before this (in the sky might look like as we want God to do) but it's Joshua. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ROCKSTAR SAN DIEGO (rockstar north said that their game is GTA V, do not want to deal with old games) He also said that I am. I've done the first 20 missions GTA3 After exiting 2002 and 2003 for gta vice city 55.
    So everything is accurate. MY GAME GTA SAN ANDREAS AND I AM YOUNG MAYLEY God said so and reassured me after the debate heated up, and I wanted to cry becouse all began to argue that the game is YOUNG MAYLEY "not mine"

    COMPARISON no comments
    Rim.4: 21 fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able to perform. 22 And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness. 23 What the hell, that was counted unto him for righteousness, not written only for him 24 but for us who will be imputed, if we believe in Him who raised Jesus from the dead our Lord, 25 Who was delivered for our offenses, and was raised again for our justification.

    Deuteronomy 6:24 Lord commanded us to do all these statutes, to fear the LORD our God, for our good always, that he might pFINDEDe us alive, as does today. 25 And it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before the LORD our God, as he has commanded us.

    lamellae to human organs

    Each organ has over 100 plates. EACH PLATE MAKES MORE EFFICIENCY 1%. But with time and with overuse body breaks down. then "eternal people" - the already known and also black-mages steal those plates. I've written how I was as a child with her grandmother Galia in Russia and how suddenly hurt liver and my grandmother made a special tea and the pain stopped. BUT ALREADY I CANT EAT fat anymore a lot (protective function of the body with reduced capacity) can not perform the task correctly. Really amazed i was WHEN super luxurious ambulance come and taka our neighbor - women. She had a black kitten which come to us and visit us. The black kitten reborn in Bulgaria and gave it to my mother. And it became ours, now 15 years old and we enjoyed a lot. My grandmother GALYA mother of my father King David died 4 years ago. BUT I met her in a dream and it puzzled me a lot I do not know WHY? But he said that has gone through seven kinds of hell and 2 years was there. And I wrote about Jennifer Lopez how my heart changed in a world. BUT remember. The incident was the following. I found myself in a world in a dream and shoot me. I saw a door and hide from the bullets entered the room. Someone close my eyes and fall and lie and hear the voice of Jennifer Lopez, who are you??? - She asks me. Answer nvknvk, the second time she asked me, I say NVKNVK. I felt my heart stuck a syringe in a hand and do something in which I would die from the pain but endured 2,3 seconds. Then another light on a dull pain and I heard a voice-awake nvknvk. Opened my eyes and my heart hurts terribly. SO endured five days. And I prayed to God and I heard a voice untie HIS HEART. And no longer hurt but I can climb 20 meters and leveling without sweat in a cold sweat in the mountains. And before take any steep with ease. And later I found out Jennifer Lopez put me back a "new heart" which is not powerful. As said REPOMAN-FRANK heart that has come to me to be an old man but he was replaced by mechanically for 1 billion real money
    WITH HIM while I sleep for 10 seconds, swim 200 meters in the pool. But the earth lightly raced and pant not know why. However, for telepathic sex is good. (OF 7 YEARS WITH WITH HIM) With it no breathe and feel comfortable. DEAR PEOPLE ARE SUCH TECHNOLOGY ALREADY.

    And the last stupid VLADO KIRCHEV brother Ivan Kirchev took my plate from the salivary glands and gave them yOUNG mALEY-who thinks his game is gta san andreas. I immediately ran saliva and bears so few years. I think for saliva and started to run. And I constantly have to swallow. But God put me new. A GAME GTA SAN ANDREAS, VICE CITY AND GTA3 were mine. I bought them so God made this ICENHANCER 3.0 so that the game become supreme and color mod. AND NOW boarded a game colin mcrae 1 remstered. AND THIS SASHO from the video of Maria "dirty mind" which is the colin mcrae. Took my salivary glands becouse I said that the game is crap. I felt a slight burning and my saliva left, and for years I had not thought of that. But we noticed that it was feeling after i blew 2.3 bubble with mouth. So people BEWARE thieves and robbers as you want-why hospitals are full. PARADOX have money to sponsor the hospital and steal parts for themselves and PUNISHMENT FROM GOD are frequent visitors to the hospital.

    I have another memory in which aliens ask me do you want legs like Clark Kent will cost 2 trillion (real 2 billion). I said I wanted. They lied to me now after I finished going to the mountain took them so that the heart and legs can not walk no longer a mountain.

    IF your skin is 100 PLATES - ALREADY STEEL- you will be an angel as Clark Kent.

    I was elected by God SOLOMON AGAIN
    I heard God said Nicholas was the previous (in ancient Israel) so GOD choose me FOREVER for EARTH AND 4000 YEARS AS GOVERNOR OF THE UNIVERSE

    JESUS lose credibility God and all the angels and gods who are with him including Zeus.

    PENALTY SO that Jesus makes me 2000 years is as follows.

    2 Kings 24:13 Then came Gad to David and told him; then said to him, Shall seven years upon thee famine in your land? or three months to run from enemies, while they pursue thee? or three days pestilence in thy land? Now advise, and see what answer I shall return to him who sent me.

    Jesus chose HUNGER 7 years. Not yet started this disaster over the parties who have received Jesus. Drought, famine starts up when you run out of water and you'll have to bring her

    COUNTRIES THAT HAVE ACCEPTED ME India, China, USA (Kansas and field San Diego and San Francisco not all of California) and Bulgaria.

    Which means that in these countries will act MY ERARHIYA. IF GOD IS THE DEVIL IN ERARHIYA Anarchy

    As India and China WILL have 16 TRILLION so I decide to split brotherly not side to be among the rich (10) and one poor (6). Each contry gets 8 TRILLION the money will average $ 7 million per person GDP. Bulgaria is an average rich country and is $ 10 million per person GDP.

    Will appear CAR LOADED with compressed air so I thank the Indian Lord Brahma. Israel also buys this technology.

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Holy Fire will descend mainly in the Jewish synagogue. Countries that accept me ,pork is prohibited and all that is forbidden in the Torah.

    Pawnshops will disappear Banks will not give HIGH INTEREST LOANS but so will earn enough to maintain ie to develop the business.


    move on

    "Free choice is so much unconditioned by foreign will, and as such Appearing FREE CHOICE, MORE FACTS ARE GIVEN RIGHTS TO Understand what good and what evil However, since none exists, OR IF Well, it WAS BEFORE BIRTH ARE THEREFORE ONE sheep and others GOAT third shepherd fourth wolves THERE Assistance dogs