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"Neither history not psychiatry can ever be the same again ... a turning point in the integration of the social sciences."
- - Reuben Fine, author "The History of Psychoanalysis"
"Confronting, Ambitious, provocative and comprehensive"
-- The Historian


"The richest decoding of the impulses of our age." The Nation "Brilliant .. bold .. heavily documented" New York Review of Books"a frest point of view" New Your Times "extraordinary" Boston Globe
- - A fascinating month-by-month history of the Reagan years.
- - review at
Canada Dreams



  • Psychohistorian HandBook
  • The New Psychohistory

"Should be read by anyone who is seriously interested in psychological problems." -Erich Fromm, psychoanalyst, author, social critic.
"I am tremendously impressed with your genuine and promising approach."
-Erik H. Erikson, psychoanalyst and author of many books of psychohistory.
"A really important departure in historical work." -William L. Langer, Archibald Cary Coolidge Professor of History, Emeritus, Harvard Uni-versity, Past President of the American Histori-cal Association.

"Splendid! A lot of history is going to have to be rewritten to accommodate this new view."
-Dr. Reuben Fine, Director, N.Y. Center for Psychoanalytic Training, author, Freud: A Cri-tical Re-Evaluation of His Theories.

"Simply fascinating! It shows how any approach which is purely intellectual or rational misses the point."
-Dr. Frederick Leyboyer, author, Birth Without Violence.

"So bold and so far removed from previous analysis as to he breath-taking!"
-Prof. Everett E. Hagen, Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author, On the Theory of Social Change.

"While scholarly and documented, the journal is readable for the interested lay person."
-Library Journal

"The implications of this work are revolutionary."
-Morton Schatzman, M.D., psychiatrist and author, Soul Murder: Persecution in the Family.



Digital Archive of PSYCHOHISTORYArticles & Texts
[Books texts] [Journal Articles] [Charts] [Prenatal]
Trauma Model] [Cultic] [Web links] [Cartoons] [Other]

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