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Government of Kerala
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Welcome to KGCPA website! - this is the official website of the Association of Clinical Psychologists working in Kerala Government Services.

About Us:

Clinical psychology is a broad field of practice and research within the discipline of psychology, which applies psychological principles. It has a broad approach to human problems (both individual and interpersonal) consisting of assessment, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, program development, administration, and research with regard to numerous populations, including children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, families, groups, and disadvantaged persons. There is overlap between some areas of clinical psychology and other professional fields of psychology such as counselling psychology and clinical neuropsychology, as well as some professional fields outside of psychology, such as psychiatry and social work.


Clinical Psychologists are professionally qualified specialists in Mental Health Services. Our main job is to diagnose and treat Mental Disorders and Emotional Problems. We are the category who has the highest basic qualification for entry in Kerala Government Health Services. After graduation and post-graduation in Psychology we specialize in Clinical Psychology for two years (i.e., seven years of higher education in Psychology) and acquire the professional pre-doctoral degree, namely, M.Phil in Medical and Social Psychology / M.Phil in Clinical Psychology / Diploma in Medical and Social Psychology and/or also Doctoral Degree.

Office Bearers (year 2005-2006):

President: Dr. Joseph Isaac
Vice President: Dr. Promodu
Secretary: Dr. A. Sreelal
Joint Secretary: Dr. T. S. Arunkumar
Treasurer: Dr. Satheesh Nair

Executive Members:

     Dr. K. Gireesh Tel: (++91) 94470 65263

     Dr. A. Basheerkutty Tel: (++91) 94474 51049

     Dr. Raja Kumar Tel: (++91) 0483 2765 328

     Dr. Ajith PR Tel: (++91) 93878 03658

     Dr. Joseph Mathew Tel: (++91) 94470 68555


Legal Advisor: Adv. George Cherian, High Court of Kerala


Contact Address:
The Secretary, "Aswathy", TC 2/1235,Pottakuzhy Jn., Pattom PO,

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695 004, Cell: (++91) 93878 05319

eMail: [email protected]


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