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The New York Times, Roslyn Sulcas
"Lunges and Tumbles Become Fluid Movement, Both Sparing and Lush" Borrowed Bones, Jan. 20, 2009
The Boston Globe, Karen Campbell
"Donovan's troupe lets go kinetically" Inside of The Ending, Premiere, October 22, 2007
The New York Times, Jennifer Dunning
"A Tale Spins Toward Peril, Steps by Subtle Steps" It's All Forgotten Now, Jan. 8, 2007
Explore Dance, Theodore Bale
"A Critic Turns Performer: Remembering Triads in Cambridge" Triadic Memories, May 22, 2008
The Boston Globe, Karen Campbell
"Sinuous 'Forgotten' Rich with Imagery" It's All Forgotten Now, Boston Premiere, April 17, 2007
The Boston Phoenix, Marcia Siegel
"Untold Tales" It's All Forgotten Now, Boston Premiere, April 19, 2007
Edge Boston, Sue Katz
It's All Forgotten Now, Boston Premiere, April 16, 2007
Boston Herald, Theodore Bale
"Choreographer Delights in Extrodinary Show" Visceral Threads, Nov. 5, 2005
Bay Windows 2005
"Shadows and Light" Visceral Threads, October 27, 2005
The Cambridge Chronicle, Tedd Bale"Donovan presents new work at Dance Complex," September 23, 2004
Boston Herald, Tedd Bale"Donovan's Dances Are Marvels of Structure," November 8, 2003
The Weekly Dig, Dawn Davis Loring"KD&D presents "Things That Go Unsaid", November 5, 2003
Bay Windows, Tedd Bale"When Movement Speaks," November 6, 2003
Boston Herald"Creator Speaks Volumes in "Unsaid," November 7, 2003
Boston Herald, Tedd Bale"Choreographers Group, January 13, 2003
Boston Globe"Changing Skin, October 19, 2002
Cambridge Tab"Arts organizer unites dance scene with Web list, June 11, 2002
Boston Metro"Hello There Column October 23, 2001
ArtsEditor"The Stem of the Toadstool, Poetry and Motion" May, 2000
Tech Talk"Wednesday, April 12, 2000
Review Of 'A Midwife's Tale'by Karen Campbell Sept. 25, 1998
The Maine Times, September 1998 "The Life and Movements of Martha Ballard" Sept. 24, 1998
The Boston Globe 1998 "Donovan Dancers Make Video 'Connections'" April, 5 1998
InSite Magazine 1997"Kelley Donovan Returns" October 1997
The Boston Globe 'Pulse' 1998 "For This Work the Dancers Create" March 29, 1998
The Boston Herald 1997 "Choreographer Takes the Plunge With New Works" September 27, 1997
The Boston Globe 1997 "Dancing in Circles with Donovan" September 27, 1997
The Boston Herald 1997"Injury Demands a Career Move" September 26, 1997
MIT Tech Talk 1997"Donovan Steps Out as Artist Behind the Desk" October 8, 1997
MIT Tech Talk 1997"MIT dancers present 'Metamorphosis'" September 24, 1997
The Boston Globe 1995"Seeds and Secrets" review June 20, 1995
The Boston Herald 1994 "Dances in the Space of Time" review April 24, 1994
The Boston Herald 1995  "Seeds and Secrets" review June 17, 1995

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