Photos by Dan Murphy, except where otherwise credited.

Strange Attractor (1994)

A Strange Attractor is the path of a system which constantly orbits a point, seeking a destination, but never finding it, and never retracing or repeating it's path. Strange Attractor is a dance leading the arm, the head, the body through the space with fingers curling and uncurling and is expressive of certainly and uncertainty, moving away from and moving towards and unknown spiritual destination. Performed to "Ancestors" composed by Micheal Oster, it is a spirit in search of a final resting place.

Costume Design by Haideh Zandipour

"In her solo 'Strange Attractor,' it was clear that Donovan knows how to use weight. She is a purposeful mover with a strong stage presence."

-The Boston Globe

Winding Up, Winding Down (1995)

"A gem of a movement study, it was playful and entertaining."

-The Boston Globe

"A delightful exercise in cause and effect...performers Cheung and Roja played off each other with great humor."

-The Boston Herald

The Invisible Spoon (1995)

"Intriguing, highly gestural phrases in clever, rhythmic interplay..."

-The Boston Herald

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