Missing Years, Healing Hearts... Missing Years, Healing Hearts... Missing Years, Healing Hearts...

Chapter 4

At the Mission - Antonio's Office

“Antonio, what are we gonna do?” asked a frantic Gabi. Francesca was determined to publicize the video of her and Antonio if she didn’t get the money, and pronto.

“Just calm down, Gabi…” Antonio said, placing his hands on her shoulders. He looked at her and desperately wanted to lean down and kiss her but knew he couldn’t. They had already betrayed Ricardo in the worst possible way.

“Calm down?” Gabi snapped, pulling away from Antonio. “Francesca is gonna ruin our lives and you’re telling me to calm down?”

“Maybe there’s a way we can stop her.”

“Yeah? How?” Gabi raised her eyes to meet his.

“Maybe we should tell Ricardo the truth bef…”

Gabi quickly interrupted, “No! Antonio, we can’t. He can never know we made love. Never!”

Ben and Meg returned home. As they entered the house Ben put his keys and coat down and walked to the back door. He gazed outside appearing somewhat distant.

“Ben, honey... are you okay?” Meg asked as she approached him.

Ben turned to Meg and smiled weakly, “Yes, I’m fine. I just can’t imagine who could have gotten to Maria that night without me noticing.” He slipped his arm around Meg and pulled her closer to him.

“I know,” Meg said softly as she wrapped her arms around him. “Do you think her dream is what really happened or just a nightmare?”

Shrugging his shoulders Ben replied, “That I don’t know. But why would she keep having the same dream over and over if it’s not what happened?”

“Well maybe she can get some answers through hypnosis this time,” Meg smiled.

Ben leaned down and kissed Meg on the forehead. “Yes, maybe.” After another silent gaze outside Ben turned facing Meg. “Listen, I need to go to The Deep and get some work done. I shouldn’t be too long though.” He hugged Meg tightly and kissed her passionately.

“Do hurry home. You know I’ll miss you every second you’re away from me,” smiling Meg reached up and gently touched Ben’s face.

“And I’ll miss you,” Ben kissed Meg again. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too.”

Maria walked along the beach thinking silently, “Should I really even tell Annie what I remember? No one should know. But I NEED to talk to someone about it!” She sighed and stopped as she glanced out at the ocean. When she took a few steps backwards she bumped into someone...

“HEY, watch where... MARIA!”

“ANNIE!” Maria hugged her friend. “I was just coming to see you.”

“Well here I am,” Annie smiled. “Hey you look a little shaken. Maria, is everything alright?”

Maria sighed, “Oh Annie, um... not really.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Um, I just... well I remembered something. You know Ben and Meg are trying to...”

Annie interrupted, “That hayseed! She’s trying to what? She already stole your husband! What more does she want? Maria, you should have never given Ben that divorce. You two belong together.”


“I’m serious. I know you still love Ben.”

“But he loves Meg now,” Maria said sadly, looking down into the sand. “And Annie... I just remembered something. I need to talk to you, but no one can ever know about this. If Ben ever found out he would have divorced me Meg or no Meg.”

“What? Maria what did you remember?” Annie asked with concern.

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