Missing Years, Healing Hearts... Missing Years, Healing Hearts... Missing Years, Healing Hearts...

Chapter 5

“Ding dong,” sounded the doorbell. Meg hurried to answer it. “Sara, hi.” She smiled at her sister and ushered her inside.

“Meg, how are you?” Sara asked overly concerned, noticing Meg appeared somewhat preoccupied.

“Fine, why?”

“You seem a little distant or something. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes, Sara. You know Ben and I are trying to help Maria get her mem...”

Sara interrupted, “I don’t understand why you’d want to help her, Meg. I tell you there’s a lot more to her than you know.”

“Please don’t start that again, Sara.” Meg sighed. “She did agree to the divorce... otherwise Ben and I still wouldn’t be married. We just want to help her get on with her life too. Ben really feels he owes her that much.”

“Oh please! From what you told me she demanded that Ben help her as a condition to the divorce!” Sara blurted out.

“Yes, but is that really such a big price for us to pay? I mean now Ben and I are married and we can finally get on with our lives. She can’t take that away from us.”

“Maybe not, but I still think there is a lot that you don’t know about her,” Sara warned.

Meg changed the subject, “Shouldn’t you be focusing on your wedding plans? Have you and Casey set a date yet?”

“No. Not yet. When he gets back from visiting his mom we plan to start making arrangements,” Sara said excitedly.

“So how is Alex?”

“She’s better now. You knew she had a relapse with her cancer, right? But now it’s back in remission.”

“What? No, Sara... I didn’t. I didn’t know that,” Meg exclaimed with a look of shock. “Well, thank God she’s doing better.”

“Yes, it’s quite a relief. Casey says she’s almost as good as new again,” Sara replied. “We both want her to be able to attend the wedding. Meg, speaking of our wedding I want to ask you something.”

“Sure, Sara, what is it?”

“Well… Meg… will be my matron-of-honor?” Sara asked.

“Oh, of course I will!” Meg smiled and hugged her sister.

“Hey, why don’t we go grab some lunch?” Sara suggested.

”Good idea,” Meg replied thinking they could eat at the Java Web and then she could surprise Ben at The Deep.

She walked slowly down to the end of the pier. It seemed like ages since she had been here, but the memories were as clear as if they happened yesterday.

“Should I have come back to Sunset Beach?” she asked herself silently as she gazed out at the ocean. Deeply she sighed. “Yes… I made the right decision. I did,” she tried to convince herself.

After several long moments of staring, almost mesmerized by the raging waves, she stepped back and bumped into someone.

“I… I’m sorry…” After quickly spinning around on her heels, she saw him and suddenly froze.

“Maria, are you gonna tell me? What did you remember?” Annie asked again.

“Um, Annie...” Maria hesitated as she bit her lip nervously. She sighed deeply. “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.”

“Come on, you know you can tell me anything,” Annie persisted.

“Yeah, but...”

“But what, Maria? We’re best friends or have you forgotten that?”

Maria cracked a small smile, “No, Annie, I haven’t forgotten. I just... well...”

“Just spit it out!” Annie demanded then after a moment, regretting her tone, she added, “I’m sorry, Maria. I just hate seeing you like this. I want to help you. And I’d love to find a way to send little Mary Sunshine back to Kansas!”

“Annie!” Maria looked at her slightly disgusted.

“Well, it’s the truth.” Annie smirked.

Maria snapped, “Can we just forget about Meg right now?”

“If you say so. Now are you gonna talk to me or what?” Annie asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

Panicking slightly Maria said, “Oh just forget it! I should have never said anything!” She swiftly spun around and started storming off.

Annie rushed after Maria, grabbing her arm. “Wait just a minute.” Maria turned around facing Annie. “Maria, please talk to me. You seem really upset and I hate seeing you like this.”

“Oh, Annie...” Maria sighed. “I don’t know how to say this, but I do need to talk about it. You just have to promise me you won’t say anything to anyone about this.”

“Maria, of course I won’t.” Annie smiled slightly.

After taking a deep breath Maria said just above a whisper, “I remember Derek.”

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