We are volunteering with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), the British equivalent of the Peace Corps.  We’re living and working in an urban, densely populated region of the Gambia, halfway (5-10 km) between the capital, Banjul, and the tourist hotels clustered along the Atlantic coast.

We’re both here on short term placements sharing our business skills, Kate as a Micro-credit officer at the Social Development Fund (SDF) investing in small-scale income generation schemes, and Ben as a Resource Management Advisor at the country’s only polytechnic (GTTI), which badly needs to update its management practices and improve administrative efficiency.

This web site is intended as a sort of journal and photo album for family and friends to experience a bit of our life and work over here in the Gambia.  The internet is pervasive even here, so we hope to update news and pictures regularly and that you’ll check back often.  Apologies in advance if not all links work from the start - we're building this thing in our spare time.  Thanks for your interest!

Note: We finished our placements and returned to the US in August 2002.
Kate and Ben
in The Gambia (West Africa),
January 25 - July 25, 2002
Kate and Ben at VSO's office in the Gambia
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