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Product Combinations
Product Combinations

The following product combinations have been put together through testimonies shared by Omnilife users like myself, and not the Omnilife Company. To further understand the unique way the products work, please refer to the article - Micellization.
Please feel free to share your experiences in the guest book provided. 
Products below are available in Canada. Please inquire, about other products around the world.
Product names may vary to meet requirements in that region. 

For Immune System
(Cancer, AIDS) Chemotherapy, Dizzy, Energy loss, Hair loss~ improves the quality of life ~ OML Plus, Power Maker, Malteada OML

For Respiratory tract
? Difficulty breathing/coughing Asthma/Allergies/ - Oml Plus, Dual Mix

For Arthritis
- Vitamin D is your best bet. Found in milk, fish.
Other nutrients recommended to reduce inflammation are anti-oxidants, vitamin C and E which protect the cells of the joints.  These vitamins are found in
OML Plus, Power Maker, Ego Mint

For Nervous System
(including Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Memory) - Body?s functions, both conscious and unconscious. It is made up of the cerebrospinal system (the brain and spinal cord), the nerves and the autonomic system. Suggestions ? Kenyan, Starbien, OML Plus, Power Maker, Ego Mint, Magnus

For Stress
? B-Complex vitamins (contained in Kenyan, which strengthens the nervous and counteract fatigue. Calcium and magnesium are useful in alleviating muscular tension and strengthening the heart. Recommended supplements are Starbien, Power Maker, Hom OML, FEM OML, Ego Mint. Most important: understand that it is easier to resolve and setback if we relax our mind than if we do the opposite. Health is the first priority.

For Cardio Vascular
? OMLPlus, Dual Mix and Fiber?N Plus

For Blood Pressure
- OML Plus, Dual Mix, and Ego Plant

For Diabetes
- OMNILIFE D.V., Fiber ?N Plus, Teatino
with Kidney problems (eliminates Kidney stones) ?
Ego Plant

For Weight Loss
? Fiber?N Plus, Teatino, Kenyan, with eating disorders - OMNILIFE D.V.

For Cleansing
? F?NP, Ego Plant

For Hair loss(stress related)
? Kenyan, Ego Mint

For Energy (focus)
?Magnus (Pure energy), Starbien (with apple fiber - folic acid ? lessens pregnancy complaints) Kenyan

For Injuries
- Power Maker, OMLPlus

For Digestive System
? OML Plus. Fiber ?N Plus, and Malteada OML

For Bad Moods
? Double doses of Starbien

For Urinary Discomfort
? OML Plus, Ego Plant

For Crohn?s Disease
?  OML Plus, Fiber ?N Plus, Power Maker

For Cholesterol
? OML Plus, Fiber?N Plus, Malteada (with water).

For Body Temperature ?
Ego Life (balances body temperature, hydras the body; athletes, fever, too cold,
too hot)

For Infertility ?
OMLPlus, Power Maker, Dual Mix, Ego Mint, Malteada OML - also great for  Fibrous breasts, increases sperm count in men, breaks down fibrous tumors in women

For Menopause, Osteoporosis
? FEM and Ego Mint

For Prostate
? HOMO and Ego Mint

For Kids
? Malteada OML with milk (milkshake), OML Plus
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