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Take up an exciting Olympic Sport today. Pistol Shooting is a challenging and satisfying sport that has appeal to both men and women, neither age nor gender are a barrier to success. The club caters for many different competitions. Come out to the range and try it. You may be surprised just how much you like it.

Welcome to the Karkoo Pistol Club. The Karkoo Pistol club was formed on February 24 1967.

The club was for many years a Target Pistol club concentrating on the "Olympic" matches and the other target events sanctioned by Pistol Australia. However, with changing times extra events to cater for Rifles and Shotguns have been added to the clubs event list.

So have a browse through these pages. If you are attracted to the sport and you live nearby, contact us. If you live elsewhere, contact a local club. Have a look in the links page for a club near you,or contact your state body for help.

There are many different pistol competitions catered for these days:

  • ISSF - Purely precision type of events
  • Black Powder
  • Service Pistol
  • Action Match
  • IPSC - Practical Pistol
  • Metallic Silhouette
  • Western Action
Look around, I am sure there is an event somewhere you would like to participate in.

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