Hi, I'm kari. 

Graphic Designer & Master Node Herder

Based in St. Louis, I specialize in various kinds of design work and brand development.   



Mary W

A well-designed brand is as important as brushing your teeth before the first date. Think about what you stand for and communicate that to your customers in everything you do, from the colors you choose to the words you use.


When starting an Identity Reboot, you’ll want to keep those attributes and graphic elements that resonate most strongly with customers and on which the brand still delivers well. Then think about how to offer them up in a fresher way. At the same time, you may want to disassociate yourself with elements that are no longer relevant or perhaps are even a negative.

Ultra Optix

Some business owners think that to look current and relevant, they need to follow the latest design fad. That’s a mistake. Following fads can make you look dated. Lasting brands are timeless, not designed after fads.

Accessories Inc.

REQUEST SERVICE Obviously, given the need to tie change to something real, the best “right time” to update your brand is when there’s going to be a fundamental shift in your customer’s experience; performing the update serves to signal that change. But there may be other times you have to do a refresh. You need an update if what consumers feed you back is inconsistent with your brand vision and aspiration.

Dwayne Winston

Smart business owners realize that graphic elements (logos, color palette, typefaces) are symbols to communicate the essence of the brand experience. While the symbolism is important, it’s the combination of the symbolism and what your brand actually delivers that determines the customer experience. So the strongest brand updates are those that communicate a real change in your brand’s strategy and experience.

Sue Peterson

Your customers have to remember you to find you. If your potential customer Googled your service, what would they find? Identify elements of your business that are different from your competitors, and showcase them in unique ways.

About Me

The graphics arts found me more than I found them. From a very young age, I created pen and ink drawings, this easily transferred to graphic design because as I sketch ideas in my head, they usually begin as black and white, then take on new life in full color. I am easily inspired by individuals with a passion for what they are pursuing in their businesses and lives. Logo design came easily with passionate clients. Logo design grew into branding, which grew into exploring the many places my customers’ businesses could go, both digitally and in real-world applications. I have the most experience with large format design, signs, and vehicle graphics/wraps, but the transition to digital design has been just a different canvas for me to explore. Now as a seasoned designer and 15 years of small business ownership, I believe I have learned and earned a more peaceful approach to my art and my pursuit of continuing my education in the various artistic fields. I have really challenged myself to learn new types and styles of art in the digital realm. My current clients have allowed me to have fun with my ideas, creating caricatures, typography, graffiti-type logos, modern art, and retro-styled designs. I have recently been focused on brand reboots for most of my clients. Please check out my recent work on Our Clients page and social media channels! Can’t wait to work with you! – Kari

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the unique nature of every project, a custom quote is given for every project. There are several steps to ensure the project runs smoothly and completed correctly. These steps include reviewing the design brief, research and development, proof presentations, and creating a project timeline. However, before a project is started, clients are informed of what to expect based on all information provided to the designer from the client.

As a graphic design agency, we do more than just put our creative skills to work. We have spent time studying numerous design principles. These principles are vital to understanding how to use design elements to transmit the required messages and values as well as evoke a certain feeling in the viewer. As visual communicators, Iron Duck Designs leverages these design elements and uses color, typography, space, balance, form, and lines to create your visual message.

As is industry standard, we reserve the right to use our designs in our portfolios (which is totally normal). As the purchaser, you will have exclusive, unlimited use and reproduction licenses on the designs we create for you. This means that YES, you own your logo and you can do whatever you would like to do with the files. You can take all the original files wherever you would like.

We love to build a brand for our clients that can carry them into a successful future. We love to brainstorm with our client family, we believe that we succeed when our clients do. We handle every level of design from logo design, business cards, websites, up to vehicle wraps. We know what works; our clients trust us, and you probably need us to get your business to the next level. See how our Brand Builds, Identity Reboots, or Website Designs will make your business take flight

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