"Some days my thoughts are just cocoons-
all cold, and dull, and blind,
They hang from dripping branches and in the grey
woods of my mind;

And other days they drift and shine - such free
and flying things!
I find the gold-dust in my hair, left by their
brushing wings."

                -"Days" by Karle Wilson Baker-

If there is a motive for this page, then this is it. The Unbroken universe (as it has been dubbed of the late) is my collection on fanfics, which I would much rather call pieces of myself and hand out as such. I wrote them for a reason some know and others do not, an instance in my life in which it was either write or cease to be; today I write because I have come to love this work, and those who share it with me. Those with whom I share it. I do not do this to win anything, but I do seek to make others feel something more than what a passing story might inspire. This is the work of a whole year, and of years to come for sure. Because I need to write, because I love to write... because this was the only choice I had, and I took it. Reading this is your own choice, writing it was mine; but if you do allow it in, then you may very well find nothing at all... just as you may find a piece of truth. One can only seek to inspire, what others have already known. Sometimes, we dream of something we are not sure we know in reality; but while we dream, we know this place, we know these people... we know why we are here. If one can have such dreams, and if one can for once remember them by the time we are awake, then perhaps we could find the place we are meant to be in, and the people we should be with. Until then all we have is our capacity to feel, and to follow our instincts no matter how much it might hurt, until we find ourselves. This is a story of one such
dream, and those who lived it...

Unbroken        (Currently stored: 8 parts/finished - 3 side-stories/self conclusive)
The first story in this growing universe, the begginning of a very long journey of self discovery for me, the starting point of an extremely long story for most of you. Centred on Milo and Camus, and their respective pasts, Unbroken tells their tale, and leads up to the battle of the twelve temples. This fic in particular is very special to me, and I truly regret that it is over. Because feelings are real, so is this. (Warning: there is strong yaoi content in this fanfic)

Flight on Torn Wings       (Unbroken related) (Currently stored: 5 parts/ongoing)
The sequel to Unbroken, it starts right after the end of the prior fic's epilogue and continues the story. However, this story revolves around Milo and Hyoga, and how they will come to terms with the events that took place, and the changes brought into their lives by feelings that cannot be held any longer. Can happiness be found after it is lost?(warning: there will be yaoi content in this fanfic)

Paths to Completion        (Unbroken related) (Currently stored: 12 stories/self conclusive)
My collection of stories dedicated to the Gold saints that did not have a space in Unbroken, and to all the other characters I wrote about. All of these are directly linked to Unbroken itself, and even though there is no yaoi content there are allusions to past events that take place in this very same universe. How and why the past made earth's heroes and monsters what they are.

Under Evil Stars        (Unbroken related) (Currently stored: 4 parts/ongoing - 2 side-stories/self conclusive)
Mostly centred on Kanon, this fic is tells the story of the past events that took place in Sanctuary before Athena was born. It is also dedicated to telling the stories of my original characters, who have appeared in all the previous fics. Can the power of fate be beaten? Can an unbreakable cycle be brought to an end? Do Gods even exist?


Other Fanfics        (Currently stored: 4 stories/self conclusive)
A small collection of non-Unbroken Saint Seiya fanfics. Lots of Asgard in this section if you ask me, as a matter fact, I like this Asgard continuity better than the one I wrote for Unbroken but, Alas, the idea of changing it at this point gives me a headache. I do like these stories a lot, and enjoyed writing them! (though I must point out that for a supposedly yaoi oriented site it is surprising to find such a large amount of hetero-sex scenes... not that I'm complaining! ^_~) For now, fics on Fenrir, Siegfriend and Hilda (who appear as guest stars in the other two) and Bud. Oh, and one little Sanctuary fic on Hyoga and Camus...*giggles*


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