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Abdul Kareem is a native of Kerala state in India and an environmental activist committed to the protection of natural forest for the last 28 years. He is converted a sun scorched piece of sheer waste land in to a 32 acre dense forest parks in India. His forest is rich in diverse species of trees, medicinal plants, birds, insets, small wild animalís microorganisms and so on. Where there was not a drop of water previously, now there is abundance of pure natural water.

People from different walks of life environmentalists, scientists, University and Ayurveda students, and laymen, all over the country visit his forest park for practical experience and study purpose. He is also multiplying and distributing the seeds and saplings of forest trees and medicinal plants and help our mother earth) and help the nation to convert waste lands in to thick forests by replicating his efforts without involving additional coasts.

The park is situated at PULIYAMKULAM, near PARAPPA in KASARAGOD District. KERALA State INDIA. Nearest International Airport is KOZHIKODE (MALABAR) and domestic Airport is MANGALORE. The nearest Railway Station and Bus Stand are NILESHWAR and KANHANGAD. Park is situating only 35kms away from BEKAL B EACH RESORTS. The temp 18oC to 28oC and MSL 500 feet.

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