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Penguin Dream Story Game Guide (WIP)

General controls:

      Throughout his quest, Penta will use a variety of available abilities. As the game begins, an introductory level is presented, which explains the basics of controlling our hero.

      Penta has a variety of attacks, and he will execute his current attack when the "b" button is pressed. In his tubbiest state, Penta attacks by launching his heavy body directly onto baddies. In his chubby state, Penta will simply kick nearby enemies. When Penta is at his most fit, however, he launches out a sonic scream attack, able to take out enemies from a distance. In the flying levels, pressing "b" fires the plane's main gun.

      To jump, simply press the "a" button. "A" has no function in the flying levels (People who say Penguins can't fly have grossly underestimated this industrious creature).

Items and power-ups

As it says, diet drinks are good for you. There are two varieties of the diet drink: an orange flavored mix, and a maximum strength strawberry flavored mix. The orange variety will increase Penta's fitness level by one unit, whereas the maximum strength variety increases his fitness level by three units. Do not be tempted to overinduldge, however; drinking too many diet drinks can actually start fattening you up again!
Penko has given Penta a time limit to reach her in each level. Penta can earn more time by collecting these clocks. The maximum strength drink is also pictured here.
H: The H power-up has two functions. In Cake World, "H" gives Penta a helicopter beanie which he can use to work his way up to Puffy more quickly. When Penta is in his plane and collects an H power-up, his plane's gun's power is boosted to a high power, enemy-piercing missile.
A: In the Desert area Triagra guards, an A power-up can be found. "A" simply wipes out all baddies currently on the screen.
M: Toward the end of the game on Octo-Island, Penta call collect the M power-up, which will make him momentarily invincible. Use this to make a kamikazee run straight for Captain Ahab!

Level by level Play Guide and Enemy Dossier

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