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Penguin Dream Story Game Guide (Coming soon)

Box Art Photo (Coming soon (?), awaiting permission)

Cartridge Photo (Coming soon (?), awaiting permission)

Feel free to use this image to link back to kalevan's Tavern

Penguin Dream Story Music Files

Midi: A few midi files I created; all fade out because looping midis are the work of Ginji. Right click to save, left click to listen to them straight away using your browser's plugin.

Introduction and phone conversation
Instruction area, before level one begins
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Boss theme: Captain Pooh
Successful level completion jingle
Time's up!

More midis to come

.nsf: This .nsf collection of songs from Penguin Dream Story was put together by Neill Corlett, and is offerred here with his permission. Right or left click to save the .zip file.

Yume Penguin Monogatori .nsf soundtrack

.mp3: I am awaiting permission to upload an .mp3 by Rainbow Cemetery called Theme of Furrabia, which uses music from Penguin Dream Story, with soundbytes from Ghostbusters and 12 Monkeys. While I'm waiting, you can check it out at Rainbow Cemetery's site.

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