- 3 -

    80 - 75 Meters                   CW-3502: SSB-3795 Kcs
           Frequencies vary with commercial QRM; W6-7 LP FB at 1330Z on SSB, W2 SP at 2300-0100;
           Eur at 200-0200Z, SA at same times.

    40 Meters                        CW-7001-7008; SSB-7070-7095 Kcs
           Same as 80 meters, LP opens to W2 as early as 1100Z; SP stays open past 0200Z, Eur
           Open all night, LP W6-7 SSB open as late as 1500Z.

    20 Meters                        CW-14045; SSB-14105 Kcs
           USA LP 1100-1500Z, USA SP 1800-0400Z, W6 LP also at 0200-0400Z; Eur best 1500-1900Z
           but we usually operate 21-28Mcs then:  JA same as LP USA, SA LP same as USA LP; SA
           SP 1800-0400Z, Pacific same as LP USA.

    10-15 Meters                     CW-28045, 21045;  SSB-21245,  28605 Kcs
           Eur & SA & SP USA 1400-2000Z; LP to W5-6-7 FB at 0300-0500Z, SP occasionally at 0200Z

13. This Dxpedition, together with the Long Island DX Association, has contributed a Swan 
    Transceiver for use in the Mauritius-Indian Ocean areas, for fixed and emergency use, and
    for Dxpeditions: it is currently in custody and use of Mr. Paul Caboche, VQ8AD, a real DX
    pioneer in this area.  In addition, we have distributed about 500 publications (CQ, ARRL,
    Etc.) since this phase of the Dxpedition began; these were purchased, and some donated by
    WILVQ and W9LKJ.  We are attempting to assist with formation of an amateur radio club in
    Mauritius.  Medical Services were donated at St. Brandon.  Lectures and slide presentations
    were given in Birmingham and London, England, Manheim, Germany, Geneva, Switzerland (IARC),
    Zurich, Switzerland and Oslo, Norway, en route.  It is regretted that talks this month in
    Geneva and London had to be cancelled because of Bill's return to our present change of

14. This Dxpedition continues to receive unnecessary harrassment from a number of sources; 
    most is sour grapes over not being worked; some is in the form of active campaigning 
    against the Dxpedition under the false disguise of "fair play", Etc.  By now, nobody is 
    being fooled by this type of publicity and misleading transmissions and publications.  
    Here are some of the sources:

    A. ARRL Awards Committee: 
            (1) Publications distributed to U.S.Government Agencies, non-ARRL Members, Etc., 
                but only to Honor Roll Members (the "chosen few") among ARRL Membership, at
                the expense of thousands of dollars.  During our lecture tour across the 
                States, ARRL distributed anti-Dxpedition propaganda, in advance, to each
                home we visited, including non-ARRL Members and non-DXCC holders!
            (2) Three anti-Dxpedition documents released through North Jersey DX Association
                in advance of the rest of the DX fraternity.
            (3) Continued harrassment of Dxpedition in every way possible.  Deliberate failure
                to credit QSO's made from Geyser Reef, despite the fact that I have supplied
                documentation that Geyser Reef is above water, and that the Documents re-
                garding claims from various neighboring countries, requested by Bob White
                to give Geyser Reef separate country status, were submitted Nine Months ago.
                It's a pity that thousands of QSO's have not yet been accepted for credit in
                the interim of almost a year, while somebody tries to find a way to disqualify
                that operation.
            (4) In May I met with the Directors of ARRL and a Gentlemens' Agreement was made;
                the Directors assured me the matter was resolved,warned me to be quite care-
                ful in our future operations and wished me luck; this agreement has now been
                broken by the Committee; against the Directors' wishes, operations from St.
                Peter & Paul's Rocks and Chagos Island were discredited, along with Heard
                Island!  No further information against the first two was supplied by the
                Committee since the May Directors' meeting; yet, the Directors' decision was
                reversed (the Directors definitely met and decided each operation prior to the
                final Committee Statement); my letter of thanks to the Directors was included
                in the minutes of the Directors' meeting and published in QST.  There can be
                no denying these Facts.
            (5) The discreditation of these last three operations was done without further
                consulting me on any of the three; I was not asked to supply further document-
                ation or even asked a single question regarding Heard Island.  Thus, it is

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