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 7. The trip to St. Brandon was accomplished on the 30-foot trimaran, Edward Bear; we actually
    set sail for Rodrigues, against the strong trade winds (no engine), but half-way there a
    stay snapped and we tore two sails, so we turned North and made the 300 miles to St.
    Brandon in about 36 hours.  VQ8CBB was slow in getting started for a number of reasons;
    first, there were medical emergencies on the Island - the temporary island manager was
    quite ill with acute rheumatic fever; he, and skipper Jack Astley, who was suffering from
    a paralyszed right hand due to a radial nerve injury, were returned to Mauritius on the
    fishing vessel, the Siren, the day after we landed in Brandon.  The, I was quite shocked to
    learn of Bill's emergency departure for the States.

 8. Larry and I returned to Mauritius on the Edward Bear in about 40 hours.About 5500 QSO's 
    were made from St. Brandon, on all bands, 80 through 10 meters.

 9. Steve, Larry and I traveled to Rodrigues Island on the M.V.Mauritius; we operated from the
    Cable & Wireless Station, and four, 100-foot towers with platforms were placed at our dis-
    posal; this accounted for about 6,000 QSO's on all bands; W2RAA and VK5KO were worked on
    160 meters; 75 meter phone was excellent into Europe and the States, even long-path to W6;
    again, long-path openings to the West Coast were available on all bands, 10 through 80

10. QSL's: I must take the blame for some of the confusion that has arisen regarding QSLing for
    the Dxpedition.  I arbitrarily changed QSL managers, against Bill's wishes, without ade-
    quately consulting Bill first.  Please accept my apology for any inconvenience or delay
    which may result.  Here are the definite QSL arrangements:

         A. Roy, K0TCF, and his XYL, Laurie, are handling all QSL's for contacts with this
            Dxpedition since August 15th, 1967.  This includes VQ8CBB, St. Brandon, and
            Rodrigues Islands.  Roy will continue to handle QSL's for the remainder of the
            Dxpedition.  His QTH:        K0TCF
                                         423 Miriam Ave.
                                         Kirkwood, Mo. 63122, USA

            Cards already sent to WA6SBO will be forwarded to K0TCF.

         B. Bill, WA6SBO, continues to handle cards for contacts made before August 15th,
            including VQ8CB/A.
         C. Ack, W4ECI, continues to handle cards for all previous operations, through 
            January, 1967 (last operation, VU2WNV, Laccadives)
         D. Regarding Rodrigues, the calls VQ8CBR, VQ8CCR, and VQ8CHR were all used; QSO's
            with CCR only, may be QSLed via VQ8CC; all others should go via K0TCF.  If cards
            were inadvertently sent to Roy or Steve by mistake, they will be handled by whom-
            ever they were sent (both have logs for the other operations).
         E. All SWL cards should go via VE3GCO.

11. Direct QSL cards:  In 1965, at the start of the Dxpedition, Ack and I announced that we 
    would send QSL's directly, from on-the-spot locations, to those contributing $25 or more;
    we have continued that policy all throughout the Dxpedition.  The ARRL Statement of early
    this year found no fault with this policy.  It should be remembered, however, that the
    Dxpedition has maintained a 100% QSL Service via our manager and that no preference is
    given on-the-air regarding contributions.  A solid QSO must be made before any QSL is sent,
    and QSL's are answered irrespective of financial support.  The recent ARRL investigation
    supported these policies, and the Dxpedition was given a clean bill of health regarding

12. Frequencies and band openings: The Dxpedition will continue to use the same frequencies.
    Here is a rundown, with peak openings from the Indian Ocean; Listening frequencies are
    announced on the air:
    160 meters                 1827 Kcs (listening 1802, 1998 Kcs)
         W2RAA worked, solid S 5-6 (SSB would have been easy) at 2305Z.
         VK5KO worked 1800Z.

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