MTE-12C Mite
StarDate 3/6
Mass: 10 tons
Chassis: Modified Bergan V
Power Plant: Hermes 100
Cruising Speed: 108 kph
Maximum Speed: 162 kph
Jump Jets: None
Jump Capacity: None
Armor: 1/Star Slab
   1 Magna Mk I Small Laser
Manufacturer: Corean Enterprises.
Communications System: Barret 4000
Targeting and Tracking System: TRSS.2L3

Record Sheets: MTE-12C Mite

Originally an off-the-wall idea of one of the head instructors at NAIS, this 'Mech came into being as the result of an accidental discovery by one of Hanse Davion's scouts. This scout, one Julian Windstorm, found a reference to a storage facility for the Hermes Co. on the planet of June, which is close to the Periphery in Federated Suns space. Using his own funds, he travelled there and found the facility after a lengthy search. He then personally took photos of the facility to Hanse Davion, who immediately sent a group of Techs and scientists from NAIS to study what was stored in this facility.

When they arrived there, they found over 1,000 Hermes 100 fusion engines and tons of equipment for working on these fusion engines. Since no standard 'Mech uses the Hermes 100 engine, the Techs were disappointed at this discovery. However, Hanse Davion was elated and issued orders for the engines and equipment to be shipped to New Avalon.

Even before arrival of this equipment, Davion issued orders to his Techs to start work on a new recon 'Mech using the Hermes 100 engine and so the
Mite was born.

Weighing only 10 tons, the
Mite cannot even begin to think of standing up to any 'Mech in a fight, but this 'Mech was designed to spot and run. With its high speed and maneuverability, it is a natural scout. Using narrow-band communications and enhanced sensor arrays, the Mite can get the info, transmit the data, and then get out of danger in a hurry.


Using the same data gathering equipment as the
Ostscout, the Mite has proved to be as good or better at the job than any other 'Mech yet designed. With a top speed of 162.0 kph, it is one of the fastest 'Mechs ever to be seen on the battlefield. Yet, it has its share of problems; its internal structure cannot hold much armor and its small laser will not do much damage to other 'Mechs. However, to date, this small 'Mech has accomplished all it set out to do.

Normally, the
Mite is included as part of a regular recon lance and moves out ahead as a point man where its speed can be used to its advantage.

Battle History:

As a new 'Mech design, the
Mite has seen little action. However, during field and battle testing, it got its chance to prove itself. Mites were attached to the 7th Crucis Lancers, at the time engaged on the planet of New Aberdeen, for battle testing. Information was needed on where the next Kurita push would take place and where their supply dumps were located.

Previous attempts to insert scouts behind the lines had failed, and so it was decided to try to insert a
Mite through a weak point in the Kurita lines. A lance composed of an Archer, a Valkyrie, a Locust and a Mite moved to attempt this. The other 'Mechs’ mission was to cover the Mite in case of contact with Kurita forces.

As luck would have it, word had gotten to the Kurita commander of this attempt and he had assigned a medium lance to intercept and destroy the recon lance. In a small valley, the two forces met. The
Mite, as it was instructed, stayed out of the fighting and waited for its chance to slip by and get through. The chance finally came and the 'Mech pilot wasted no time. Running behind a SHD-2K Shadow Hawk, he ran for the other end of the valley. All four of the Kurita 'Mechs fired on the Mite and the ground behind the 'Mech literally burst into flame as it moved. Yet, not one of the 'Mechs hit it and it managed to get out of range and out of sight.

Mite spent two weeks behind Kurita lines gathering information, transmitting it to the Davion forces, and evading Kurita forces searching for him. At the end of the second week, Davion forces attacked, destroying several supply dumps that the Mite had reported on. During the battle, the Mite managed to slip back through the lines with hardly a scratch on it to show it had been gone.

If this 'Mech continues to live up to this example, then the
Mite will definitely add to the Davion force's recon capabilities.

Notable 'Mechs and Mechwarriors:

Mechwarrior Julian Windstorm

Originally one of the Dispossessed working as a scout for House Davion, Julian Windstorm was offered the chance to pilot the prototype 'Mech during its battle testing and it was he who took the
Mite behind Kurita lines on New Aberdeen. Currently attached to NAIS for further testing of the 'Mech, Julian is extremely happy to pilot the 'Mech he calls The Mighty Mite. Julian is very likable, with a ready grin and is overwhelmingly loyal to House Davion.

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