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Start collecting beenz, they can be found anywhere and everywhere, it's kind of like free money. For you first b100 just visit beenz.com and signup. So whats beenz in real money? b100 = 50 US cents
Visit thesims.com
This is one of the most interesting games JGB has come across & features as our recent addiction. Take a look at thesims.com and be surprised. Download the desktop Jukebox or mini aquarium or extra stuff for your Sims game. For those of you who have this, Simday is every Thursday.
Goto Alien Skin Software - Adobe Photoshop Plugins
If you have Adobe Photoshop you should definately take a look at the plugins this site offers < Eyecandy v3.0 & Xenofen v1.0 > Download and try the demos today.
#1 Free Stuff
This popular site features a fantastic collection of free stuff and freebies. Categories include samples, health and beauty, college, baby and parent, and more. Updated often.
Lots of Funny Downloads
Excellent downloads site with many sections, including the famed Adult files, so if you want something fun & naughty check this out.
Funny Pics Programs Games and Movies!!
Click here for some humor & fun
Lots of humorous links
Cool site with lots of links. Don't forget to vote for Junk Gets Bigger in the prank section!
Great site with heaps of funny files. Only bad thing is doesn't have the download sizes but it's still very amusing!
Goto Animation Factory
Excellent animation graphics with many free ones for you to use on your webpage. JGB has featured some of them around the page. Browse through their large collection and see if there is anything you like. Plus this site has a new animation daily.
Goto E-Kiss
Ever recieved an E-Kiss? Well why not send one, it's fast, funny & absolutely free. Customize your own wet sloppy one. Send us one here at JGB if you like and will smack one right back at ya!
Goto Comet Cursor
Comet cursor, never heard of it? Visit & soon you'll have cursors like these for you desktop & web page surfing Excellent stuff huh?
Free Text effects
Free online text effects generation. Input the parameters and get results straight away.
Its Free
Free internet connection for Australians. Yep it does work... JGB connects with go connect.
Nice page with quite a few funny downloads and pictures ( Hopefully forever expanding )
A site about a game called "Elastomania" it's motorbike game and you can download it here and send your best track times and send your own made level and much more
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The sites below use Flash/Shockwave extensively, we recommend you get it otherwise you'll be stuck with just a boring blank screen
Get Shockwave
Have some fun with the Get Shockmachine and download all the games you want at shockwave.com (great 2 player games too) Also take a look at the cartoons on show, some are funny.
Goto Clevermedia Gamescene
Here are a mulitude of fun and new games for you to muck around with.
Goto Bullseyeart.com
Great page with cool design and many pages of humourus shockwave/flash content. Here are a bunch of the funniest web episodes.
Goto JibJab.com
Interesting site with many feautures and interactive cartoons. Has Hoola Boy and the Riddle King
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