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I’m Julie Thiers

I'm a passionate Graphic Designer & Illustrator, with a background in fine arts, customer service, project management & a bachelors degree in graphic design. I have the project management experience, artistic eye & the design knowledge to take an organized approach to your creative project.

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About my profile

I have worked professionaly with start-up companies for about 10 years, in sales operations and customer support positions, which ultimately morfed into project management-focused roles. I have worked on projects with Marketing, IT, Finance, have managed the process for designing proposals and other types of projects. Meanwhile, I have been an artist by passion for even longer! I have painted for years, simply because I love it, having shown my art in multiple exhibits in the SF Bay Area and commissioning custom pieces.

To wrap up all of those skills in a nice neat package, I completed my BA in Graphic Design & Visual Communication in December 2020.

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