Hohner electra-piano
Hammond M-100
Hammond C3/B3
Hohner clavinet
Fender Rhodes
Steinway grand piano
Farfisa VIP-255
Yamaha CP70B piano
Yamaha GX1
bass pedals
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Brian Kehew is a studio engineer and producer and has also written for several magazines around the world. (This website is taken from an article he wrote for Japan's Keyboard magazine.) He plays guitar and keyboards and has worked with AIR, Hole, Fiona Apple, Henry Rollins, and more. With his own band, The Moog Cookbook, and AIR, he has toured the USA, Japan, the UK, and Europe. Brian is currently finishing eleven years of work on his book about The Beatles' studio equipment, Recording the Beatles. The book explores the studio equipment used to make The Beatles'classic albums.

Vinod Shankar designed, coded and edited this website, for the fun of it, and because he likes music, information, and information about music. It has completely changed the way he listened to some Zeppelin songs, especially "Dancing Days." John Paul Jones is certainly the coolest man alive. Please check out his website about the songs of Beck Hansen, Almost A Ghost. Currently, Vinod is a first year law student.

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